I’d been writing stories since Primary School so nothing new or exciting there. However, it was after University that I realized that beyond writing scripts, poetry and essays, I also simply enjoyed writing stories, for myself and out of my own freewill. Imagine that.

There was one thing that changed significantly though, as opposed to writing essay styled stories, there was always a strange format/style to the pieces I produced. In some cases the stories would have poetry intertwined in it, or it would be utterly abstract, or simply prose turned fancy, in someway or another.

Although, if I must be honest, a lot of the short stories I have are book ideas that die before the intended first chapter is completed. Sometimes I wonder if I lack the discipline and patience to write a book, the formula and secret code/ingredient, or perhaps I simply don’t have “the book” yet. I can’t be sure yet.

For a snippet of my life I indulged in some recreational activities that pushed my creativity with my work, and life in general. There was a series I wrote called “Acid Dreams” because your girl here was having some trippy dreams. That quality of peculiarity never quite left my system so every now and then, it seeps into my stories.

Head over to my stories and tell me if you think they are as trippy as I think they are or simply prose overhyped. I’m a growing writer, I’m open to constructive criticism.