In my second year of University, Film Studies was one of my elective subjects. We could pick which seminar we wanted to do in each semester, scriptwriting was one of my choices. I couldn’t be more grateful for the quality of education I received from UCT because I can’t imagine where else I could’ve had the opportunity to study scriptwriting, or any of the other seminars I chose, unless if it was something I would’ve activity gone to seek out on my own personal capacity outside of school.

Studying scriptwriting exposed me to film directors such as Perdo Almodóvar, particularly his film, The Skin I Live In, which inspired almost all the short scripts I wrote in University. His work opened up a whole new world of creativity I hadn’t thought possible before. In a lot of ways, his work enabled me to embrace my darker side in writing and life overall. It was almost as if through watching his films, I indirectly gained a higher level of self-acceptance, I embraced all I was and began channeling that in everything.

There was also Woody Allen‘s film, Vicky Christina Barcelona. I love everything about this film. I could relate to almost all the emotions unpacked in it yet it still felt foreign enough to have me feeling like I was no longer myself. In some instances I was Vicky, I was Christina, I was Juan, and even Maria. I found that to be brilliant — getting your audience to relate so deeply to each character yet still have a favourite. Or rather, a more morally appealing preference. Woody Allen highlights some very fascinating human behaviors, and all in the space of a vacation.

Have a read of some of my scripts and let me know what you think.