Quotes are strange because they could literally be something that someone said at some point. Or, the length of a poem could easily be seen as a quote. I don’t know if I’m adequately articulating myself here but basically, it’s quite tricky and somewhat conceited to quote yourself isn’t it? What do you think?

Well, either way, I once participated in an annual event called Poetic Beats where musicians and poets perform their respective crafts. One of the founders of the above mentioned event asked if I could write a quote for her that would express her love for love and her love for music (or something to that effect) for the purposes of a tattoo. Let me tell you, being told what to write especially for the purposes of such a magnitude and with such a word limit is not easy. In fact, the pressure was on, all the way up! I came up with some lines but I didn’t love them and the emotion resonated with the client. Can’t win them all, yet.

Anyway, keeping true to what a quote actually is, I like to collect some of my favorites from fellow writers and citizens of the world. However, should you see a line or two written by me tucked in a poem, a story or a script, feel free to quote me. Oh and credit. Please and thank you.

Head over to some of my favourite quotes from fellow folks, and maybe every now and then I will exercise some mild conceitedness and quote myself. Who knows? Who ever really knows?