Spoiler Alert!

When an acquaintance suggested I watch Behind Her Eyes on Netflix, first I checked out the trailer to see if it wouldn’t be a waste of time. True to my nature, it was the right amount of suspense and drama for me to decide, “yes, I’m in, it’s happening.” Little did I know after watching this I would not be the same. Produced and written by Steve Lightfoot, same human who wrote and produced the likes of Hannibal (2013), and The Punisher (2017) — I should have known this was not going to be just another extramarital affair gone wrong series. Boy, I was never ready.

We are introduced to Louise, played by Simona Brown, a single mom who gets stood up by her mate when she’s already sitting at the bar all dressed up. It’s sad how relatable that scene is, down to how she brushes it off to her friend like it’s not a big deal, meanwhile we are all annoyed on her behalf. Anyhow, enters the beautiful man David, played by Tom Bateman. Sweet baby melons, the man is so gorgeous I could die. Their meet-cute moment is Louise accidentally bumping into him and his expensive drink spills. This is painfully awkward. But Louise replaces David’s drink and the two start chatting and the vibes are through the roof. The chemistry is on a 1000! We already know it’s a little too good to be true because law and behold, we later find out David is married, married to your local bougie nutcase, Adele, played by Eve Hawson. Although when we first meet Adele, we don’t know the levels to which she’s nutcase, but more on that later. In an interesting twist of events, turns out Louise’s new boss is none other than David. Fast-forward, the two cannot seem to pull away from each other and bam, it’s affair time. In a more interesting twist of things, Adele befriends Louise fully knowing who Louise is. But Louise also knows who the fudge Adele is, yet neither women are upfront about how they know each other. All the while, David has no clue his wife and mistress are full-on bff gym buddies mode. Wowzer, the juice of it all.

Most women, married or not, would discover about their partners transgressions via the beloved mobile devices. But because Adele has actual real-life mental issues with extra toppings, homegirl can leave her body and spy on her husband… yes, you read right, Adele leaves her body to spy on her husband, aka muhfudging astral projection/ astra travel. So by the time she accidentally bumps into and befriends Louise, she already knew who she was cause she’d literally seen them vibe and later fornicate. Hunnie the mess of it all. Even-though the whole affair side of things is unacceptable, Louise is so damn likeable that you’re most likely rooting for her, though with tones of ‘girl, don’t do this, it’s not worth it’. But does Louise listen? No. Mxm. Instead she gets further entangled with this couple up until David discovers the friendship between the two. At this point though, Adele is such a crazy genius that she’s making look David look like an abusive husband. I was watching thinking, ‘oh man, he is going to jail.’ But no, Adele had other plans for him. Like ‘this ish forever baby’, kind of plans.

Adele orchestrates her suicide, oh no, she goes all out with the drug overdose and a fire on the side. And yes, I’m not a fan at all at this point. She reaches out to Louise to inform her she was about to be out of this existence. Now instead of calling the fire department when Louise gets to Adele’s house, guess what she does? Louise astral travels into the house to (just like Adele taught her) I guess check on Adele? Like girl, what are you doing? Sadly, Adele soul/spirit pushes Louise’s soul/spirit into Adele’s overdosed body and proceeds to enter into Louise body. Fuckery!!! Obviously Louise cannot handle the drugs in Adele body, plus with the house on fire, we can only deduce that she dies.

All the built up resentment towards Adele thought is terribly misplaced cause we later find out that, Adele wasn’t even Adele to begin with. The real villian in all of this is actually Rob! Who is Rob your might be wondering? You will have to watch the series to find out because this the type of tea you need to sip for yourself — words are not enough. Needless to say, this is the most creative and twist-filled series I have watched in a long time. I still get anxiety about Louise’s son (Adam), and poor David thinking he married the love of his life. Argh, it’s a lot.

Have you watched Behind Her Eyes yet? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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