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To date, I have not watched a series or film that has given me more anxiety than this K-drama, The World of the Married. I know to a large extent TV is just that, TV — but on a real note, is everything alright in Korea? Like ya’ll okay over there or what? Genuinely concerned.

It had been a few weeks of seeing social media going crazy over the series but I hardly buy into hype so I let it pass me by until one of my friends was like, ‘no mate, get involved.’ Naturally, because the tribe never lies, I got involved. Every single episode, I was shooketh. Not only because the content is so relatable, and the characters are so convincing, but also, it’s like actual real life. Sure it looks dramatic AF when condensed to a hour or so per episode, and a 16 part series. But when you spread it out to how things unfold in real life — things CAN really get that wild, sometimes even worse.

What I found particularly interesting was the constant reenforcement of how minuscule the line between love and hate is. I’m about the say the most toxic thing of all time but there is still some relevance to it — the deeper the hate, the deeper the love. Sure it’s toxic AF, but nobody goes through such elaborate plots to enact revenge on someone they simply do not care for, they issue is caring too much. Argh it’s twisted and problematic but hear me out. When you don’t give a hoot, you’re effortlessly unbothered; it is only when you give too much of a hoot that you have the energy and time to plot revenge only to inevitably end up right back in bed with ‘the enemy’. As a species, humans are a mess, as a collective, we need help. Suffice to say, I need to change my initial question to — is everything alright on Earth? Or can this pandemic put us all out of our misery already?

An interesting theme, probably the highlight of them all, is the notion of marriage. What does it even mean in the grand scheme of things? It’s really fascinating how, after all is said and done — humans as a collective put too much meaning and weighting on things that might inevitably mean nothing at all. We just create standards we cannot maintain and when one party defaults, instead of amending the standard, we scramble to maintain the illusion that the standard is intact. Messy mess mess!

Another theme I found fascinating was the parent and child dynamic. Particularly how inevitably emotional every human can be, despite the notion of unconditional love and selflessness for their offspring. There are so many moments of weakness and base human reactions that occur where both parent and child are just as confused as the other. However, I maintain that the parents in the situation could have reacted better, but people will only act and react the only way they know how to, unfortunately, they do not always have the right tools to act or react in the best of ways, even when children are involved. Wild.

Huge Spoiler alert!! What I both loved and hated about this K-drama is, there is no happy ending. Just like real life — it’s ambiguous. Things could remain as miserable as they are with a few happy moments; they could improve; or worst case scenario — further deteriorate. Existence is so futile and I’ve yet to watch a series that perfectly captures that notion as accurately as The World of the Married. In other words — brilliant series, definite must watch!

If you have watched it already, what are your thoughts on it? Save the drama for your mama, or we need more shows that mirror reality like this? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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