As you may have guessed from the title, my diet is no longer 100% plant-based. Why? Because life and budgets during start of the pandemic were not balancing, and trying to be 100% plant-based again after regressing is definitely more challenging than I had anticipated. I am currently, and more accurately, a flexitarian. Most people burst out laughing when I say this, even when I qualify that it’s a real thing, so it’s not something I advertise (well, except for right now).

Oatmeal with cranberries and goji berries.

What on Earth is a flexitarian? Basically a semi-vegetarian diet centred on mostly plant-based food, with the occasional inclusion on meat. Why is it so hard to quit meat this time around? Because until I found Herbivore, it was expensive and difficult to find plant-based protein alternatives that tasted good enough to be included as substitutes in my favourite meaty meals from back in the day, which I suddenly had an uncontrollable craving for. Why do I still want to revert to being 100% plant-based? Because the benefits of being plant-based, that I have personally experienced, outweigh my meaty cravings. Also, ‘animals are friends not food’, and I genuinely struggle with getting over the guilt of eating chicken or beef without thinking about its entire life. Plus it’s still kind of gross to eat other animals regardless of how tasty they can be. Zombie vibes.

One thing I have noticed about plant-based protein alternatives is, you cannot overdo it. So although there are a fantastic supplement to animal meat, when you know what animal meat tastes like, it just becomes annoying if you eat plant-based proteins as often as a full-on meat eater eats meat. This week I have definitely learnt to mix it up way more like I used when I began this journey in 2018. Either that or a recent mishap will become a norm — I ate plant-based mince on rice, then ordered a beef burger because I was still hungry and also wanted meat flavour. Terrible I know, I know but I never said I was perfect *facepalm*. Another thing is, being able to visit family and attend events now means dietary requirements needing to be sent though beforehand. However, if your extended family or friends are not plant-based, save taste in your meals and eat at home, or pack your own meals — unless you’re cool with eating just the side salads and roasted veggies; then make sure there will be at least some side salads and roasted veggies, don’t set yourself up haha.

Salad consisting of lettuce, avocado, cucumber and pepper dews; all drizzled with balsamic glaze.

To help me with the re-transition to a 100% plant-based diet, I started a new foodie Instagram account, @Chillie.Flake. Check it out to follow my meals every other day — I try make them look as pretty as possible.

Have you tried going plant-based and struggled, or thrived? Tell me your dietary experiences in the comment section below. I’d love to hear all about them, even if you eat meat like your daily bread, let’s chat about it.

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