My love for wine grew during my university years, however, I’d mostly have what my closest friend at the time recommended. She was like my very own wine connoisseur, always knew which wine to pair with which meal. In my later years, and after quite a few wine tasting events, a lady knows a thing or two about her wine.

I discovered Cyber Cellar shortly after the SA alcohol ban was lifted. As most things these days, I was scrolling on Instagram when one of my former mates shared a story of her delivery from the brand. The packaging and branding was enough to peak my interest and have me look at their account. Next thing I knew, I was on the website checking out the offering. My first order was the Rare Finds Mixed Case, I thought it a great opportunity to try new brands and makes as opposed to my usual, or my favourites. Delivery took longer than I usually like to wait but it’s completely understandable considering it’s shipping from Cape Town. Any-who, I was chuffed to try something new with my meals every other weekend. This time around, I ordered the Best Selling Reds Mixed Case, this was (hate to say it) a Black Friday special. Truth be told, besides the price point, the biggest reason I was keen to buy the case was the Noble Hill Syrah 2017 — she’s so rich and delicious she’s steady competing with my favourite wine now.

The only downside about ordering from Cyber Cellar, you get your package through Amarex — not the friendliest delivery service under the sun. The men are always low key angry that I definitely wish I could opt for collection rather than delivery. Although collecting from Cape Town would require a private jet or something… (Lordt, can this be part of my life path please?) Anyway, besides the less than desirable delivery experiences, I have tried a few new good wine brands. Some are not so great though, it can take weeks to go through just the one bottle. But for the most part, my palate is deliciously expanding.

Visit Cyber Cellar to have a look at their full offering, it’s not just wine but that all I care about haha. Their Instagram is pretty cool too if you like pretty drink images and quirky quotes with a side of influencer marketing. If you have already ordered from Cyber Cellar before, which wine or case tickled your fancy? Let me know in the comment section below.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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