Yesterday, 2nd December, I received my first order from Nason Foods. I ordered a combo and I tell you, I have never been overwhelmed by quantity and quality, but in the best of ways. What I particularly enjoyed about ordering from Nason Foods was that; a) supporting local young black farmers, b) buying directly from them which means value for money cause some big franchise supermarket middleman was removed, c) it’s fresh and swift delivery! The order was placed on the 30th of November, then boom, two days later your girl is eating fresh healthy produce.

My biggest flex with this purchase is definitely the price point. People often have this wild notion that being plant-based, vegetarian, flexitarian, or vegan is ultimately more expensive than having the mainstream diet with all the meat you can imagine. Listen, meat is expensive yo! Please tell me where you can get a decent pack of a month’s worth of meat for less that R200, while still being healthy because you’re eating a balanced diet? Not many places I bet. Anyway, my point isn’t even about meat. My point is with brands like Nason Foods, it’s very affordable to be plant-based and even if you can’t part ways with your steak, fam you can add affordable fresh veggies to that plate without breaking the bank. Tell me that doesn’t sound even a little bit sexy?

I highly recommend getting your fresh produce from Nason Foods, support local and all. Check out their Instagram too to keep up with the fyne farmers! Haha.

Have you ordered from Nason Foods before? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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