I was scrolling on Instagram the one week and I kept getting served these Herbivore ads. At first I would skip on by and carry on with my life — but it happened often enough that one day I had to have a look at the profile, next thing I was on the website. I placed my first order thinking I’d try a little bit of everything, from the cereal to the proteins and spreads.

First thing’s first, I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘herbiwors’, basically sausages, they tasted significantly better than the last plant-based patties I used to have back in my vegetarian high school and Uni years. The mince however, was too much flavour than a girl could handle. This mainly cause when I cooked it, I added some of my favourite spices but I should’ve rather sampled the mince’s natural flavours before adding anything extra. The power porridge was also not something I loved, my daughter loved it though, but I suppose I’ve never been a fan of porridge to begin with, oats is home. The chocolate bars were not half bad, pricy but not bad for a vegan bar. The nut milk was way sweeter than I anticipated — I am not a fan of this and would NOT recommend. Stick to the store bought nut milk without extra sugar if you’re anything like me. The cookies were super dry, so unless you like that rusk-like feel to your cookies, don’t do it. My favourite though, my absolute favourite, was the cashew coconut spread. YUM! My goodness, I might never buy peanut butter again after discovering this spread. It’s perfectly rich and appropriately sweet — nothing overwhelming or overpowering, just perfect!

Second time around ordering from Herbivore, cause I need to take my plant-based diet a bit more seriously than the weirdness that was brought on during lower lockdown levels, I stuck to the sausages, mince, and chocolate. I didn’t need more spread cause I still had from my initial order. The thing about vegan alternatives is, I think they are designed for one NOT to overindulge… So a little goes a long way. Also, I don’t like getting overwhelmed by too much flavour brought on through putting too much of anything in my food/ meals. Therefore my spices, condiments and spreads tend to last longer than the average household. Last month I had to give away my jam cause I stopped buying bread and I just had the jar of jam sitting in my refrigerator for the longest time, okay like a few weeks but I knew I wasn’t going to eat it, neither was my daughter. Anyway — round two was kept simple as seen below. So far, I had a quarter of the chocolate bar (seen in the top image) and I’m good. Which is great considering I’m trying to shed some weight and overindulging has been removed from the table thanks to Herbivore.

If you have not tried Herbivore already, visit their website to check out the rest of their offering. Check out their Instagram as well, they post lovely images and recipes ever now and then. Oh and I started a new foodie page where I share images of the food or smoothies I make, check out @chilie.flake if you’re interested in that kind of content.

Have you tried the Herbivore offering yet, what was your experience with it? Let me know in the comment section below.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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