My natural hair journey has been a lot like a rollercoaster ride with many thrills, dips, and me not fully knowing what’s happening, or coming next for the most part. An adrenaline rush, with it’s fair share of frustrations if I must be honest.

Last month I was overjoyed when I received an amazing package from Rubybox and TRESemmé. With this new goodie in hand, I honestly felt like there was hope for my hair struggles, finally. Since lockdown my major hair issues have been dry THIRSTY hair, which lead to major hair breakage, and inevitably, major hair loss which meant length retention was not a thing. Zero length retention really gives me chest pains when I consider the amount of natural hair gurus I used to follow up until last week (decided I needed to detox from so many opinions and just listen to my hair).

So my first washday with the Repair & Protect combo in hand was really super exciting. My hair is quite short in it’s natural state so I could not use all the sectioning accessories included in the package, however, I’m keen for when my hair is long enough to maximise on the full set I received. Anyway, the shampoo leathered really nicely in my hands and on my hair. During the wash process I really felt that my scalp and hair was sufficiently cleansed. The only downside is, because my hair has been suffering major dryness, my strands felt slightly stripped of the little moisture they had, I was highkey worried when I noticed this because it’s definitely the last thing I wanted. But all hope was not lost, the conditioner came through with all of the moisture and softness. I was a bit heavy-handed with the conditioner as I felt I needed to make up for the dryness I felt. Whether that was a good move or not in general, my hair definitely thanked me for it. My hair felt significantly moisturised, there was minimal breakage, there was strength and sooooftness. My hair LOVES this conditioner! With the added slip making detangling a dream, I really don’t see myself using anything else for a long time coming. And I say this after using the combo a number of times in the past month. Trust.

If you struggle with major hair breakage like I did, this combination will be a game changer in your washday routine. The added toppings of moisture, strength and softness are all the more reason to give TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Shampoo & Conditioner a chance. Oh and did I mention I have high density 4C low porosity hair? Well yes, that’s my hair type and this combination was still so bomb for my kinky mini fro!

Want to read other reviews on this combination? Then visit, follow them on their Instagram, and Twitter. Like their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more. Have you tried this combo? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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