Technically, I have been using these products even before the SA lockdown. However, they definitely seem to be more effective now that I’m not wearing makeup, and my exposure to direct sunlight is limited and measured. Curious? Let’s get into then.

Last year my skin was pretty flawless, shame, and all I really needed to do was work on even tone. This year however, a girl had to go looking for answers to tend to large pores. I decided to swap out the Oh So Heavenly range for the Garnier Skin Active range. This range is said to tighten pores and eliminate shine. This sounded like exactly what I needed so I went ahead and brought the Pure Active 3 in 1 Clay, Pure Active Daily Pore Reducing Toner, and Pure Active Matte Control. Right off the bat I loved the clay, been an avid user of it for years, even while using other ranges, I always have a bottle of it in case of emergency. It’s freaking amazing! Trust. I hated the toner, oh my goodness, it literally stings. I figured that’s how you know the pores are really being tightened but hot damn, should beauty really be that uncomfortable? Well, I don’t like it. The matte control moisturiser was amazing on my face, at first… But then the skin literally soaks it all up so quickly you end up feeling like you didn’t moisturise at all. Worse still, your skin feels so dry, dehydrated and deprived of moisture that instead of having a lovely matte finish throughout the day, your skin actually feels the lack and overproduces oil defeating the whole purpose of the product. So that was a flop. To try balance out the formula, I swapped out the matte control for the Garnier Skin Active Aloe Hydrating 48h Moisturiser. This made a positive difference but I was still not completely satisfied. Especially since I’d notice my face gradually get oily over the course of the day. Is matte skin for 7 hours of the day too much to ask for? I don’t think so, no.


Despite previous negative remarks about The Body Shop, I found myself swallowing my words and walking right back into the store. I just wanted to get products that hydrate me without making me look like I smothered vaseline on my face… I chose The Body Shop because their Tea Tree range once saved my life. This time though, I was looking for HYDRATION, funny enough, I didn’t care about my large pores anymore, but that’s where it gets interesting. So I purchased the Vitamin E range and I can’t say I loved it right from the jump. It was alright. Did it hydrate me though, definitely did but I was not swooning just yet. It’s been a couple months of using it and I noticed something interesting this week โ€” my pores are not as big as they were when I started using the range. My skin feels more supple and definitely well hydrated without looking or feeling greasy. Best still, the Facial Wash is very lovely, foams up quickly, gently and easily cleanses the skin even when removing makeup. I LOVE the Hydrating Toner!!! It is so very gentle on the skin I wish I could soak my whole body in it. The Moisture Cream feels like warm butter melting on toast, so yum. The Nourishing Night Cream is slightly heavy but definitely feels like you’re locking in all of the moisture your skin needs โ€” but certainly requires a light hand that one. The SPF is also y’all, and probably the main reason my skin is looking more even toned.

Since lockdown I find myself sometimes using the Garnier Clay to exfoliate, then tone and moisturise with the Vitamin E products. I wasn’t lying about pairing that clay with other products, it’s freaking amazing. I wouldn’t recommend doing this excessively though cause sometimes products can prove to be incompatible.

Now that you have read all about my lockdown facial care goodies, tell you yours! Has your face been part of the lockdown glow gang? Or like me during PMS, story for another day, is the exact opposite of “glow gang” happening? Let me know in the comment section below.

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