Last year I signed with Exclusive Agency, not because I went out looking for it thinking I’m The fabulous agent actually took a good 30 minutes or so trying to convince me I could be about that life. Half the time she spoke I legit thought I was being punked like, “okay when is Ashton Kutcher popping out with the cameras”. (Does he still do that show? Is he still about that life or did I just reveal my age for nothing?)

Anyway, so I signed and proceeded to not go for any castings because I was pretty sure the agent was high when she signed me on. LOL. Then something strange and wonderful happened this year. I was encouraged to just go for it by a miraculous human and at some point the words landed and I thought, “well why the heck not?” Went to my very first casting ever. Law and behold, I booked the gig. I was shook.

The gig was to feature on a Tastic Rice TVC starring the phenomenal Mogau Seshoene best known as, The Lazy Makoti. I was pretty stunned by the entire experience but soaked it all in. The other ladies featuring in the TVC, Lee-Anne Dyer and Talia Joseph, were also very lovely and welcoming —  both vegetarian too! What are the odds? The little chubby high school girl in me was definitely beaming the whole time! Beaming and thinking, “wait, so am I a shmodel now?” Haha fun times.

Obviously I’m an eager beaver (sometimes) and I’ll share the TVC here. Disclaimer; you have to look carefully to actually see me cause it’s a quick shot, haha.

So what’s the verdict folks? Am I a shmodel now? Maybe if I bag a few more castings/gigs right? Yeah, I thought so too. Haha.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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