Poetic Beats: Sunset Session

This Saturday, 30 November 2019, a delicious event is happening at 86 Public Randburg — Poetic Beats. Founded by Kagiso Magabe (dad) and Erryn Gracey (mom), Poetic Beats is a beautiful platform for artists to network, grow and more importantly, perform!

I was once invited to recite my poetry on the platform in 2016, and I’m honoured to have been invited again for the 2019 edition. I will be reciting a mix of heartbreak and love poetry — my usual really, haha. But forget about me, just from the rehearsals alone I have goosebumps evoked by the sheer talent I have already witnessed. It would be shame to miss it, honestly. So don’t! You can prebook your tickets online, or just rock up on the day cause tickets will be available at the door (cash only). And it will sunset vibes y’all, how fudging romantic? Come support!

Favourite picks from my account takeover of Poetic Beats’ Instagram

Tickets for this sexy session are available on Quicket. Be sure to like Poetic Beats on Facebook and follow their Instagram account. BUT more importantly, definitely come to the event this Saturday! It will be worth it.

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