Love Language? Jewellery

Julie Andrews sang, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things” but I didn’t relate to the song as deeply as I do now in my late 20s. Sure it can be perceived as pure materialism to admit this but, like a lot of women, jewellery is definitely one of my love languages. More-so, minimal and sentimental rose gold timeless pieces — they certainly have a special place in my heart at the moment.

I turned sultry 27 this year and one of my favourite humans gifted me a gorgeous necklace from the home-grown online jewellery store, Silvery. What makes the necklace timeless is the stunning personalisation. For those who follow the rest of my social pages (recently reopened), or have received an email from my business account, you may have noticed my CS logo (which I’m proud to say I designed myself). Any who, this remarkable soul was able to pull the logo from my email signature and have it engraved onto the necklace. This is probably one of the most beautiful gestures anyone has ever done for me. Best still, the craftsmanship at Silvery is so impeccable that even though the logo was definitely not sent in a vector format, they were still able to get the detail to the T! Granted my logo is also very minimal and simple, BUT as a very particular person working in the creative industry, I know how easily even the most simplest things can be messed up. Hence I was genuinely so HELLA impressed by the level of meticulous quality demonstrated by Silvery. Needless to say, when your favourites know you, they really know how to sweep you off your feet with little to no effort. I am so damn impressed, but even more grateful.

Naturally, I had to have a look at the Silvery website to see what else they make and what their story is, as one does. It is literally the site to go to if you have a loved one you want to dazzle with stunning personalised jewellery; or if you want to treat yourself! Trust when I say, Silvery is without a doubt, the one! Best still, they have a super cute Instagram account I instantly fell in love with. Also low-key biased cause my necklace is totally featured on their account, but hey, I’m allowed right?

Enough about me and my recently embraced love language, check out the Silvery website to see all the other beautiful options they have on offer. And you’re right if you’re thinking I’m thinking it’d be crazy to not follow their Instagram account — it’s jewellery heaven, why wouldn’t you want to follow it? And if you still get down like that, they have a Facebook page too, so LIKE LIKE LIKE! Happy shopping and gift-giving y’all!

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