Chasing Summer — SiR

First person to introduce me to SiR was one of my long time friends, a gem really. She mentioned how the song “Hair Down” featuring Kendrick Lamar reminded her of Foxy, my former alter ego. With intrigue, I listened to the track expecting something adjacent to Cardi B or Nicki Minaj cause people often mistook Foxy as such. But it really wasn’t like that at all. In fact, I went on to listen to the entire album and it resonated so deeply with my soul. Like wow, when people who say they see you, actually see you! I knew from the jump I wanted to write about my love for the each track and thank the Universe for giving us this impeccable experience in the form of an album — but I wasn’t sure how to go about it until the penny dropped last night. Suddenly all the chips fell into place and I knew why this album was so signifiant.

I don’t know much about SiR, except that he is doing the Lords work through music, but every time I listen to Chasing Summer my thought process is literally, “damn SiR, you really did that. You really did the damn thing!” But if I must be honest, as one should always be, I didn’t fall in love with “Hair Down” from the jump. However, I definitely loved its vibe; that carefree nonchalant feel and ease of it. When he says, “Do you mean what you say when you tell me you love me, do you really, do you really?” — that’s the most “me” thing under the sun. I mean cause there’s only so much nice (empty) words can do, show me baby. Show me. Then we move onto “John Redcorn”, I genuinely love and hate SiR for this one. It cuts me deep, but in the best of ways. And when he says, “This is like a game of survival, why am I dying for a title?” I swear angel tears are laced in the minor notes of this track. “You Can’t Save Me”, but SiR, why… Why are you like this? All the freaking feels, all of them! “LA Lisa”, I enjoy the flow of this track, and that spicy line “I bet he don’t even write his songs” LOL! Sis, if he ain’t call you back don’t be bitter, be better. But I love how the track transcends into “Fire”, it’s fire. Definitely the sexiest song on the entire album. Literally reminds me of my former crush — hot hot hot! (with four fire flame emojis!) “New Sky” is the most beautiful song on the album. And that Kadhja Bonet feature is the best thing since rose quartz crystals (too much? Neh. Just right!). “Lucy’s Love”, featuring Lil Wayne surprised me, mostly because I often forget Weezy F Baby is still alive. No shade, just facts. However, the track definitely got me chuckling for days cause SiR is spicy AF. “That’s Why I Love You”… lowkey triggering but very well created. “Touch Down” is one of my favourites, it’s vibey and feels like the peak of literally chasing summer. “Wires in the Way”, when he says “I knew the rules of engagement before I started playing for keeps…” story of my forking life, but not for long. Definitely hits home. My favourite part of “Still Blue” is that glorious Jill Scott feature. Such a stunning combination. “Mood” is such a nice picker-upper! I mean, it’s still mellow but vibes!!! “The Recipe”, I loved this track from the jump! Such a phenomenal creation, it literally makes me want to cry because it’s so magnificently made. And then I listened to the lyrics properly the second/ third time around, “She’s so happy when she’s next to me, thought she had me, baby really thought she had me. Now she’s fiendin’ for the rest of me (rest of me), but that isn’t in the recipe…” I was like damn SiR, so brutal. How can something sound so beautiful and be so brutal. All the feels! But I still love the song cause hey, you can’t hate on the truth right? “LA” is so nostalgic. It’s my favourite track to drive to especially after a long day. So soothing and definitely takes me back to more innocent times.

There is only so much convincing I can do; but if you have not listened to Chasing Summer yet, you’re doing yourself a great disfavour. It’s the best thing to come out of 2019 I oath. Each and every track hits different, and the album as a whole hits good. So damn good. I can listen to it from start to finish for multiple times in one day. And each time feels like the first, but better — like soul, it tastes better with deeper understanding. Do yourself a favour and get Chasing Summer today, you’re already late but hey, here’s a chance to catch up. Then go ahead and follow SiR on the socials, I practically enjoy his Twitter Feed, but the man is on Instagram as well. Sidenote: there’s a time I was so deep in love with humans with locs — SiR threatens to spark that fire up a little more than I’m prepared to fully acknowledge. But I have always had a weakness for creatives in their all their glory and fullness — from lyrics and soul, to freaking tattoos plus the ability to bleed and injure. ANYWAY! Have you listened this masterpiece already? Tell me all your feels in the comment section below. Lay it on me!

Photo cred: Evans Alexandre via

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