It’s been just over 3 months since I started using Oh So Heavenly’s Set The Tone facial range. After having watched a controversial YouTube video about all the BS behind-the-scenes at The Body Shop, I decided my money was better spent elsewhere. Plus, how can a girl say no to affordable skincare? She can’t, she will not, and so, she didn’t.

Any-who, a few months ago I walked into Clicks and asked one of the beauty ladies working there if she could recommend anything to help with dark spots and pigmentation on my face. The lady began to praise me for having great skin already and Lordt I swear as long as you don’t have a pizza face it’s part of the sales pitch to tell you, you already look so great. But anyway, I didn’t mind the biased compliment as I was being promptly sashayed to the Oh So Heavenly facial products. I looked at the packaging of the products the lady was handing me with heavy scepticism. I tend to enjoy minimal design so when I look at Oh So Heavenly branding I am instinctively opposed to it. But the lady didn’t give a hoot about my branding preferences. What’s worse is I walked in looking for an oil to replace The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil I’d been using BUT I walked out with the OSH Set The Tone full range — gosh, I’m an easy target. On the upside though, the full range definitely did not break the bank, I walked out thinking “Huh, I have more products than I intended to buy, but my bank account is not complaining… What is this new sensational experience I wish I could indulge in at all my favourite stores?”

Using this range has been delightful. The products are gentle on the skin, hydrating without the grease up effect, and the best part is, it might be beauty on a budget but you still get the results! I had very distinct dark spots from former pimples I poked before they were ripe (ewww I know I know) but with the Dark Spot Corrector I could literally see these spots gradually disappear, LITERALLY. Not like an overnight transformation but a decent week or so clearance. Outside the pigmentation and dark spots — the overall range has been showing my face some real deep love. My face always feels appropriately hydrated with plump skin and all; I don’t get breakouts as much as I used to — a pimple could try itself out but as long as I follow my morning and evening routine, nothing. And for nights I couldn’t give two peas about washing my face, this range is so forgiving and maintains my clear skin. It’s like OSH is literally giving me continuously positive affirmations even when I mess up, which motivates me to stick to my damn routine more often than not.

I’ve made sufficient my noise about this fabulous range whose branding has finally grown on me, I might actually really like it now, BUT is she vegan though? GURL! Let me tell you, lemme tell you! She is 100% Vegan AND Cruelty Free. BAM! Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, hun, rest assured no puppies or bunnies had to suffer so you could have your glowing skin and live your best life. I absolutely love this range, I might never switch to anything else ever. [Barring any controversial news popping up from somewhere — don’t let us down OSH, keep it clean and we will love you forever!]

Alright, enough obsessing. I love this range and if you have pigmentation or dark spots you’d like to get rid of without any ridiculous side-effects like dryness or oiliness, give OSH Set The Tone a try. Find out more about the range on the Oh So Heavenly website. And for those who care, Follow and Like their social accounts. So… have you tried this range yet? Was it as bomb for you as it is for me? Let me know in the comment section below. Smooches! (Because writing about such a pink and happy brand got me feeling lovely and ish).

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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