When working on healing and growth, triggers are an all too common trait. Often I’ve found myself upset at the lack of a “trigger warning” be it on the news, social media, or life in general. I found myself going through intense distress and dis-ease when there is no warning, therefore, no mental preparation, and boom, I’m triggered AF!

I’ve never been a Jhené Aiko fan or listener, not in a bad way, mostly indifferent. Just knew her to be the lady who likes crystals and had a tattoo of Big Sean. (See, very little information on her.) But then I found myself feeling triggered by internal yearnings. Yearnings for things I know are mine yet impatience flooded my being. I decided I would write it out but before I even reached for my brown book (we’ve graduated from the black book people) and pen, I thought let me catch up on some YouTube videos, definitely subconsciously planning to escape my emotions rather than facing them, sometimes life be like that. Anywho, I came across Jhené Aiko’s new healing sensation, Trigger Protection Mantra. Obviously, my higher self had to have a listen. And just like that, no more running. I sat myself down, reached for the brown book and wrote. The yearnings, the hopes, the fears, the truth as it is in this present moment. And I went on to write my own mantra for my space and my being. Absolutely remarkable.

Sometimes the Universe gives you a warm embrace, but only when you stop running, or postponing the love it has to offer. Sure, fear is a real thing, trust me I know. But, fear is only in the mind aint it?

This Mantra by Ms. Jhené Aiko had me redownload her music from before, which I’d just half listened to prior to today. I mean this was the same lady talking about ‘eating the booty like groceries‘, so I had my reservations. However, now I’m thinking, alright cool, the mans can eat the booty and all but that’s not stopping us from reaching our higher selves, finding that healing, and continuing that growth. All the while, focusing on trigger protection and less on trigger warnings!

Trigger Protection Mantra is available on iTunes and the video is on YouTube. Check out Jhené Aiko on the socials too, the Instagram and Twitter are active with updates on her and her music. Happy healing!

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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