Couple weeks ago I was having serious burger cravings. But not just any ol’ veggie burger craving — I needed something substantially satisfying. My friend and I decided to go to Lexi’s Healthy Eatery (Sandton) for lunch. This was the perfect restaurant of choice because it accommodates me as a plant-based foodie, and my friend as a meat-eater.

At first I thought I’d be a modest plant-based customer and order the generic plant meal. But full disclosure is, your girl was having very high-key meat cravings. So what does a plant-based human eat when they have decided a beef burger is no longer an option? Beyond Burger made with a Beyond Meat patty. I was definitely skeptical to try it at first because one thing I’ve learnt is, a lot of these vegan/ plant-based alternatives to meat or diary usually taste awful or have an horrid aftertaste. It’s usually better to just eat a raw carrot to be honest. However, considering that I felt I would regress to eating beef again, I had to satisfy my craving somehow without any cows having to pay of it in blood … (drama, I know I know, I had to haha). Anywho, I ordered the Beyond Burger with potato fries (instead of sweet potato fries which are a healthier alternative but I was looking to really feel like I’m eating junk like back in the day LOL!). To drink I needed something to warm me up from the inside so I ordered the Golden Mylk Latte.

First thing’s first, that latte was probably the best latte I’ve tasted in a mighty long time. Not because I’ve tried lattes from multiple places — my go to is usually cappuccino — but the lattes I’ve had before were definitely not as noteworthy as the Golden Mylk from Lexi’s. The combination of turmeric and coconut sugar is what really captured my heart. More surprisingly, I usually hate cinnamon but it’s inclusion in this heavenly cup of goodness made me like cinnamon. I even bought cinnamon for my kitchen a few days later — my mother would be shocked to hear this.

Anyway, back to the main contender, the Beyond Burger. When it arrived on the table my friend gave me a side-eye like “okay Miss ‘I-wanna-be-vegan’, look at you know.” I had to respond quickly like, “nah chill, it aint meat though. All plant. 100% plant.” Just looking at the burger had the lil kid in me jumping for joy because it was definitely visually attractive. I was so hungry but I took like a million images of the burger before I started eating. Eventually when I got the perfect shot, I decided to dive in. After the first bite, it was not awful, no funny aftertaste, appeased my tastebuds in fact, and I could feel the craving settle into contentment. I like that the patty did not taste exactly like meat because I would have been worried. The texture was meat-like but more tender. The favours of the burger overall were tangy and wholesome. Each bite provided a new layer of satisfaction — exactly what I had been seeking. The only thing I would change is the beetroot sauce, not that it wasn’t good, but I had an inkling that something creamier would have moved the overall burger experience from an 8 to a 10. But yes, the Beyond Burger is a solid 8 out of 10 in my books. I’d also recommend that you don’t go picture crazy when it arrives cause by the time I was visually satisfied and decided to finally eat, the burger was a bit cold. (But that’s on me, photographers be like that sometimes.)

Being plant-based is not easy and you can easily fall off the wagon if you lose track of your ‘why’ power. For the most part I’d say I embraced the title plant-based because I don’t have it in me to vegan-check snacks and treats all the time (plus vegan chocolate is pricy — and no, I will probably never get over that). However, on the upside, plant-based options are increasing which is really great. I still heavily rely on home cooked meals because I genuinely love cooking and I like to know exactly what’s in my food. But eating out is also great and one has to be grateful for restaurants like Lexi’s where the script was flipped and you get more vegan and vegetarian options than meat options. I love that because it’s best of both. Sure ultimately the goal is for everyone to eat more plants, but instead of forcing plants down people’s throats, give them the options, all the while showing just how delicious plants are.

If you have not been to Lexi’s Healthy Eatery yet, you’re doing yourself a disfavour. Just look at their Instagram page, (guess who’s image featured on it?), isn’t that simply drool-worthy? Now imagine it, in your mouth. You have to try it and share your experience in the comment section below.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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