Couple weeks ago I was watching “Someone Great” on Netflix then a proper jam came on during one of the scenes. I quickly grabbed my phone, as one does, and asked Siri “What song is this?”. This is how I discovered Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts“. I can be resistant to change so I was literally jamming that one song for a week straight before I decided to give Lizzo’s other songs a listen, more specifically, her most recent album “Cuz I Love You2018. The title was putting me off cause I have been actively running away from soppy love things but considering I discovered her via a borderline soppy film, I couldn’t run away from the soppiness of it all too long. However, as refreshing as the ultimate message in “Someone Great” is, Lizzo’s album was really not all that soppy at all. More like “Yaas girl, get it!”

For the most part we grow up in a society that has us believing we aren’t enough on our own, or as single individuals. The goal is always to partner up, get hitched, married, etc etc. So obviously as a singleton that narrative gets old and boring real quick. Especially when in all that singleness, one is genuinely content with oneself. I didn’t even know I needed Lizzo’s take on all of this till I listened to her album, more specially, the song “Soulmate”. I found myself thinking, “damn, I really be showing up for myself in all the ways no man (or woman) has ever done. I really am my own hot-damn soulmate. I understand me. I fux with me deeply, and in all the ways necessary.” Outside the jam “Soulmate”, the whole album has a potent dose of self-love and positive self-image I am all the way here for! I absolutely LOVE and LIVE for it. Lizzo is doing the damn thing in all the right ways.

I really enjoy this album from start to finish. However, my least favourite songs are “Cry Baby” and “Jerome”. I appreciate their inclusion in the album but I can easily skip them when I’m feeling hyped. My ultimate favourite, the more I listen to the album, the ultimate feel good jam has to be “Better In Colour”. I can literally listen to that song 10 times in a roll, “cause I like everything” about it hahaha. For pure “I just wanna dance” I’d say “Tempo” featuring Missy Elliot and “Exactly How I Feel” featuring Gucci Mane hits the spot! “Heaven Help Me” is like ‘okay back to reality’, then “Lingerie” speaks to my inner fox… But don’t sleep on the opening song “Cuz I Love You” Lordt have mercy!

Speaking of which, outside the popping beats and lyrics that resonate, Lizzo genuinely has an amazing voice. Like wow, guys, this woman can sing! Her voice is so clear, so beautiful, I am beside myself. And just to test if I wasn’t being biased cause this was a new (to me) artist I was listening to for the first time after sticking to my usual for so long, I listened to a few more newbies (to me not to the industry) and they really didn’t make as much of an impression as Lizzo did. In fact, they kinda sucked compared to Lizzo. That’s when I knew, for sure, Lizzo has the X factor. You gotta love a confident, self-loving, talented and relatable artist! By now I’m sure the title of the post is relevant, cuz I love me some Lizzo, all day, everyday!

Her album is available on iTunes. I’m no longer all that active on Social Media in my own personal capacity to vouch for her accounts, but here are the links to her Instagram and Twitter for those interested. I definitely recommend downloading her album though, it’s fire, and the right amount of juice to cool off from all that heat. I haven’t been happy about discovering an artist like this in so long! Wowzer. (You know it’s real when I have to blog about it, just saying).

Images sourced from Rolling Stone & DJ Booth.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

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