Last September (2018) my sister, Kimberley Chakona, released her second book titled Poetry to the People. The most exciting part about this release is the collaboration of artists. I had always known my sister wanted to collaborate with other poets and artists in general but I didn’t expect it to happen so early on in her writing career nor to be a part of it and follow through till the end. But like most things Miss Chakona puts her mind to, it gets done and it gets done well.

Poetry to the People is a collection of poems by different authors with different backgrounds. What I found particularly fascinating about the book is, despite the apparent differences of the artists — background, interests, geographical location, career paths, etc. — there is a strong sense of similarity. The pain is the same, the love is the same, the joy is the same — at the end of it all, we are all humans experiencing the same emotions regardless of the differences we tend to fixate on ever so often. I thought that was really precious and noteworthy.

I contributed two poems to the book, Good Love and Alpha Femme. These pieces are very relevant to the specific time and place I was in, on initial request to feature in the book. Good Love speaks on the quality of love and the understanding of it with growth and life experience. Alpha Femme speaks on the notion of strong women, how strength is not an option but rather a requirement. Often I like to write poetry that serves to escape, however these two definitely dove into the heart of my woes. They speak to the reason why I started writing poetry at all — to be sound and as a form of healing.

[what a thing to see a book you contributed in among your favs. what a thing.]
Poetry to the People is available for purchase from Amazon Kindle. Support poets by getting your copy asap. Be sure to rate and review the book once read, every star and comment goes a long way. To learn more about the fantastic lady behind it all, visit Kimberley Chakona’s website NEU OPUS. Enjoy!

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