In the journey of self-discovery, you always find the most fascinating and shocking things about your inner workings. Since high school back in Zim, I have maintained I was no longer into gift giving because I no longer wanted to subscribe to consumer culture on one hand, and I silently took offence when my sentimental gifts were not appreciated on the other hand. So I stopped giving gifts as much as I used to — from like a 100% to about 20%. The latter reason was enough not to indulge in gifting because the motive seemed clouded by my own ego, yikes, but I prefer to mention the former reasoning in day-to-day conversations because it is more palatable. Anyway, I was very aware about my stance on gift giving, however, I never took time to really assess how I felt about gift receiving, until one quiet afternoon.


See, for the most part I hardly received gifts in my life, in my younger years, I can count the few I received and loved. In my teen/ university years, I could have been more appreciative of the gifts I received but baby girl had insane standards, at least now that I look back in retrospect. In my current young adult years, people have gifted me things I needed [similarly to my childhood] so it was automatic appreciation and not completely seen as a gift but more like “wow, you really have my back, I need this, thank you.” Then one afternoon I received a gorgeous parallel minimal ring from a dear friend. I LOVE IT. Listen, I have received other gifts which I appreciate so deeply but this was the first time I received something I didn’t absolutely need but my total energy changed, my mood lifted and my heart was melting. See, I’d been thinking about getting a ring for a while, something minimal, cute and wearable everyday — but I never shared this desire with anyone. Secondly, although I appreciate previous gifts, no one has ever hit the nail on the head as perfectly as this before. I was taken aback, literally thought, “in which stars was this fated?” You know when people say, “I didn’t know I needed it till I had it”? Yes, I felt that the moment I saw the ring, and proceeded to read the attached note. All the feels.

Ironically, this also set off alarm bells because, am I materialistic now because I have instantly fallen in love with a thing? As most gifts intend, I concluded no, it’s always about the sentiment behind. How rare it is to have loved ones around you that can sense random desires, which aren’t really all that important, but fulfil them anyway, and so accurately. You can’t help but melt in gratitude.  What’s even more stunning is, such exact knowledge and awareness of style and taste you’d expect from family, not particularly a friend — so yes, I was impressed, I didn’t think anyone paid that much attention to me haha. Suffice to say, I was also flattered. Who knew I could be such a girl and melt over a piece of jewellery? Sigh.

Later I did some research on the origins of the ring and I was pleased to find it had been sourced from a local store in Cape Town, Fabricate. I am always here for supporting local businesses — the love deepened. Check out the store’s website and be sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and like their Facebook Page.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

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