The Fussy Vegan, located by the Caltex Waterfall Garage on Jan Smuts Avenue, caught my eye a few months ago while driving past. Eventually, my good friend and I decided to grab lunch at this cafe one sunny afternoon. Unlike most of my lunch dates with friends where I end up not taking images and just enjoying the moment, I definitely wanted to write a review on this joint so I arrived early to sneak in some shots. I received a friendly welcome, asked for permission to take images, and promptly felt settled and at home.

As impressive as it is that the cafe prepares and sells 100% vegan food, I was even more chuffed to see environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products. There was also a section of goods, which will probably expand with time, that showed an element of zero waste consciousness. Love that! Above and beyond that, I am pretty sure it was mentioned that almost all the refreshments, goods and snacks are locally produced. Doesn’t this sound like a little slice of heaven? Sure does to me.


The menu has a variety of offerings, initially I thought I’d try the burger or sandwich options, but I eventually chose the Tofu Bowl. This consisted of black rice, tofu, sprouts, avocado and cashews. I am not usually a huge fan of tofu but I am always drawn to it when I eat out, glad to report that I wasn’t disappointed. Overall the meal was super filling and tasty. My favourite was ironically not the avocado but rather the cashew. I have no idea how they prepare their cashews for this dish but boy I loved them! My friend, who is a meat lover, opted for the Seitan Cheesesteak Sub. It looked appetising enough, and the seitan definitely had that meaty look, texture and taste. I had a bite and completely understood why my meat loving friend was damn near licking his fingers in pleasure. It was so yummy.

All in all I completely enjoyed my first experience at The Fussy Vegan. So much so that a couple weeks later I went back to the cafe with another friend and this time around I tried the Mushroom Burger. Sweet Baby Marrows, I have never been so content with the world. Suffice to say, I’d been craving comfort food so the mushroom burger definitely hit the spot. My friend had the Seitan Rib Burger and when it got to the table I was high-key skeptical on whether it too was 100% vegan — looked so much like an actual rib, which was low-key traumatic. Anyhow, I had a bite of that too, as a foodie must, and the flavours were so damn satisfying. Definitely reminded me of my meat eating days and reassured me that I never need to go back there as long as I can still enjoy flavourful meals such as those provided by The Fussy Vegan. Unfortunately, this time around I didn’t carry Bella (my camera) and couldn’t capture high res images of the burgers. But trust me when I say, they are worth a try, especially if you’re still transitioning to a vegan/ plant-based diet and find yourself missing the meaty textures and flavours. Or if you still eat meat and need a reason to consider going vegan or plant-based — either way, the burgers are awesome!

If you’re looking for a fast takeout or quick vegan bite for breakfast or lunch, I highly recommend The Fussy Vegan. It’s not a fine dining experience, but definitely a nutritionally wholesome, satisfying and conscious option. Be sure to follow The Fussy Vegan on Instagram and like their Facebook Page.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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