Thursday, 29 November 2018, I was invited to attend J’Something’s Jin Gin launch at Ginologist Gin in 1Fox Precinct. Just when I thought the man was already quite well spread juggling music and food, he launches his very own gin brand. I was impressed to say the least, and honoured to have cracked an invite to such an intimate event.

J’Something teamed up with Beverage Emporium and local craft gin experts, Craft Link — the makers of the award winning Ginologist Gin, to create a smooth gin with both personalty and great flavour. Although the gin market is saturated with both international and local brands, J’Something’s approach was refreshingly simple:

“I wanted to do something that I love. I’ve never been much of a drinker, but a good G&T always hit the spot.  The team at Craft Link helped me create a gin that not only suits my audience and their palates but that also represents something different in the market; ultimately it represents my story. I mean it’s still a gin, it’s just ‘something different’,” he explains.

The creation of Jin Gin was inspired by J’Something’s Portuguese and South African heritage. With variants such as Rooibos, Orange and HoneyTomato and Sweet Piquant Peppers and Honey and Olives in the Jin Gin Collection — it’s not wonder the launch was such a hit! All the flavours tie into his career, and passion for food and music. More-so, each variant has its own story to tell. J’Something’s favourite is the Rooibos, Orange and Honey; an expert blend of the flavours of world-famous oranges from the South of Portugal with South African Rooibos and Honey — his favourite pre-gig drink.

“The craft of pairing food with gin is also gaining momentum. In the kitchen, food needs to tell a story and Jin Gin is no different. We have created delicious recipes to accompany your Jin Gin G&T. Food is personal to me and reflects my home… the place where I grew in leaps and bounds as a chef. Home was where I could experiment with flavours and techniques. My spicy, authentic Portuguese heritage combined with hearty, homegrown South African food have become my trademark,” expresses J’Something.

Jin Gin is an excellent tasting locally crafted gin deeply rooted in culture, fun, happiness, and good responsible times. Available from 01 December 2018 at selected Pick ‘n Pay and Ultra Bottle Stores — be sure to get yours. In the meantime, visit the Jin Gin website for more information, follow the Jin Gin Instagram account and like the Facebook Page.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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