A few weeks ago, I was struggling with yet another flare up of adult acne. Well I wasn’t actually struggling because I didn’t care much that my face was going through another pizza-face phase — just another week in the life of being Cleopatra right? However, I found myself in a rather peculiar mood while escorting my mother to buy her facial products one afternoon. On one hand I genuinely don’t give a flying duck what I look like because inner beauty right — but on the other hand, what if I too could have clear skin for longer than a month? Hmm…

If you read this blog religiously you know I often test and review products from Rubybox. Almost all the products I have tested and reviewed, I use for two weeks, write the review, maybe use the products for a couple more days, then proceed to find something else. Recently a genuine excuse for me moving on to something else after using a supposedly ‘good’ product was “well, it’s not cruelty-free or vegan so if I continue using it I’m going against everything I now believe in, it’s a moral hazard.” But the truth is, even if I wasn’t leading a plant-based life and quietly advocating for cruelty-free products, I would probably stop using those products and move on to something else anyway. And I wasn’t moving on simply because they are new products to test out, but because despite how ‘good’ I rated the products, they might have not been all that good to begin with. But I didn’t know better. I didn’t know better until I started using The Body Shop Tea Tree range.

See what happened was, this Tea Tree range was actually meeting and surpassing all my expectations, and doing all the things it claimed it would do in less than the time expected, and more effectively than any other brand I have ever tried or tested and reviewed. I began feeling this intense guilt because, this range it actually thebomb.com — it is actually working wonders for my skin in a significantly noticeable ways, it is actually very impressive. But the guilt was now, how can I possibly write a review on this range when my vocabulary from everything else I have tried was so inflated that it would seem repetitive to use the same terminology for a range that has actually met, surpassed and sustained expectations. The next time I say something is ‘amazing’, everyone will all think, “well yeah, you think everything is amazing anyway”. But I don’t. However, my writing hasn’t been as authentic as I thought it was — due to unknown lack of exposure I have to admit. Despite a few reviews where I outright hate a product range, or the range doesn’t agree with my skin at all, some of my reviews had the enthusiasm of an A+ when they were really a B-, sad but true. So on one hand my argument is, until I started using a range which has actually blown my mind, I didn’t realise that every else before was so mediocre. But on the other hand, my argument is, yes well after writing the review on whatever product, I should have amended my thoughts and ultimate feedback the minute I found myself reaching for something else hoping for more effective and sustainable results. You feel me? Anyway, this experience left me feeling a little like a fraud because some of the products I said I’d used again, I wouldn’t especially since discovering the brilliance of The Body Shop offering.

By now I am sure you have gathered that The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range has been doing the Lord’s work day and night. The most noticeable improvement has to be on my chest. I used to get a pimple or two on my chest that left a mark. I tried everything from Bio Oil to coconut oil to clear the area, but the only thing that brought me joy was the SnapChat filters I used to abuse. This all until I invested in the Tea Tree range. My chest is now all cleared up, not a mark in sight. The facial products are also flipping phenomenal. Although I still break out due to stress, hormones and my monthly cycle, it is not no longer as severe as the former adult acne I used to associate with my face. Best still, even though everyone and their mama will tell you not to poke, scratch or peel your pimples, sometimes when I’m working and not wearing makeup I end up doing exactly that. Luckily for me, the Tea Tree range clears the marks faster than ANY OTHER PRODUCT I have ever used, and for the most part I actually don’t get new spots on my face useless I consciously poke, pop and peel at my pimples aggressively. [Yes, I acknowledge this paragraph is a touch disgusting, sorry, haha.]

I love The Body Shop products because they are cruelty-free plus they are vegan and/or vegetarian. I will definitely continue investing in their products to suit my needs. Furthermore, this experience inspired me to stop reviewing mediocre products with inflated praise they haven’t earned. Now that the bar has been set on how I ought to feel when I actually see results and love them, you can be sure, no MEH performing products will get airtime they don’t deserve. If you have similar facial issues to me; breakouts, pigmentation, oily skin — most definitely give The Body Shop Tea Tree range a try. It’s the best money you’ll spend on your journey to clear even skin. If you have already tried the range, please tell me all about your experience by commenting below.

For more information on The Body Shop, their values and offerings, be sure to visit their website. Also check them out on Instagram, Twitter and like their Facebook Page.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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