Just cause one transitions to a plant-based diet doesn’t mean one no longer gets cravings that aren’t necessarily plant-based. From eggs to chicken and steak cravings, I have definitely experienced them all. For the most part I can now identify what nutrients my body is lacking in causing the cravings, and what plant-based substitute I need to consume to satisfy. But what happens when you literally miss the presentation and textures of certain foods that are not plant-based? It becomes really tricky especially when you’re no chef and mostly experiment in the kitchen for the mere love of food. Times like this, I don’t always take the DIY route, I simply eat out.

Cappuccino with Almond Milk

Late last month, I met up with a photographer friend of mine, Nikki Zakkas, at Lexi’s Healthy Eatery. I figured what’s better than catching up with an old friend over a hearty plant-based breakfast? I had seen tantalising images of food from the said restaurant on Instagram and was more than just eager to try it out. Arriving at the restaurant I was instantly taken by the bright yellow and accents of greenery. Nothing says healthy and plant-based like fresh greenery with bursts of yellow and wooden furniture. Yes, I was already biased towards the decor, look and feel of the place at first sight. The menu options nearly made me cry because OMG, how many times does a plant-based girl eat out and have so many plant-based options to pick from which are also egg and cow-milk free? Not enough I tell you. To drink, Nikki and I had Cappuccino with Almond Milk. YES! You read right, cappuccino with almond milk. It was so tasty and so lovely I had to hold a tear back. I was particularly impressed because I have used almond milk with my coffee at home and it tasted way too nutty and strange [I use soya milk now which I prefer]. So definitely yes, the cappuccino with almond milk from Lexi’s is near perfection.

Avocado Toast

To eat, Nikki had the Avocado Toast. Now listen, I’m a huge fan on avocado toast but oath to heavens my avo on toast has literally never looked as good as the one from Lexi’s. And you know what, that’s what I love and appreciate about eating out — when the presentation itself is so impressive that you would go back again and again to try more things off the menu. I mean if it looks as good as what I make at home, I might as well just eat at home right? Lexi’s really impressed me. Anyway, I had the mouthwatering Farmer’s Breakfast Bowl — hmmm good Lordy Lord. It had been weeks of me craving an English breakfast of sorts so to have a plant-based alternative that looks the part but tastes a billion times better was poetic. Definitely felt like those vegan YouTubers who do a little dance while eating — I get it, I get it, sometimes one simply has to dance cause the food is too good. This amazing Farmer’s Breakfast Bowl consists of tofu scramble, grilled mushrooms, roasted potatoes,  grilled cherry tomatoes, and fresh avocado with vegan hollandaise. YUMMY! If you haven’t tried it yet, you have no clue what you are missing out on, best get involved ASAP!

Farmer’s Breakfast Bowl

My experience with food at Lexi’s is most certainly one of my favourites. A lot of the restaurants I tend to gravitate towards are from when I used to eat meat and meat products — they sadly almost always disappoint me when it comes to their vegetarian or vegan options. It really makes me so happy to see the increase in plant-based restaurants that actually serve amazing food which you would go back for several times over. And the fact that the food offering is also hella healthy? “The only thing I regret is not going plant-based sooner.” Huge shout out to Lexi’s for making me dance in my chair cause the food is too good.

I could write a sonnet about the delicious the food at Lexi’s, but instead, I want you to go experience the poetry for yourself. Meanwhile, you definitely need to keep up to date with them on Instagram and like their Facebook page. Also, if you have already been to Lexi’s, tell me what you ate and how you found your overall experience by commenting below.

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