I’ve always had a love hate relationship with birthdays. Around the age of 13/14, I decided I hated birthdays, specifically my own. Media tells you how birthdays ought to be this huge thing but in everyday life, that’s not always the case. I hated the inevitable disappointment which was always preceded the programmed expectation. I hated how I would always make sentimental gifts and cards for loved ones, only to find my creations in the bin days or months later — probably why I keep all of my daughter’s creations; and probably why my heart smiles every time I walk into my dad’s office and he still has the stuff I made him 10 years ago. Moral of the story, birthdays become more depressing each year [with the exception of my 24th — my friends and I went to Sun City for the day. Then my 25th, I was too preoccupied with my new born to feel anything about my birthday]. Now at 26, I have noted a significant change.

Last year when my daughter turned 1, and Annica’s Designer Patisserie saved my non-birthday-celebrating self in a big way. Since it was my daughter’s birthday and I actively decided to get over my childhood hangups about birthdays and do something for her, in celebration of her precious life. But as you can imagine, I am no event planner and really, everything was kinda done at lastminute.com. Lucky, Annica’s always has full cakes on standby and I was able to personalise their delectable Vanilla Bar One cake for my daughter’s birthday literally the day before the event. The personalisation was placing an edible picture of her face on the cake, considering how last minute this was, I was impressed. And praise be to the heavens because the cake and event was ultimately all sponsored by my dad. When good conspiracies come together in the best way.

One would think I learnt to plan ahead given the anxiety of doing everything last minute last year… Well, old habits die hard. [Also, my bank account was all like, “how about we only celebrate the milestones?”]. Again, the heavens were conspiring in my daughter’s favour and I was able to still do something to celebrate her born day. Her paternal grandma sponsored the birthday cake, and I decided my 2 year old was ready for a high tea birthday celebration. Naturally, Annica’s was the best place for such an occasion. We went there bright and early on the weekend of her birthday, personalised yet another Vanilla Bar One cake, and had ourselves some breakfast. My daughter and I shared the Spanish Fritata, which was vegetarian not vegan because I momentary forgot I no longer eat eggs *facepalm*. She also had a side of fries because she loves fries. To drink I had their divine cappuccino, and my daughter opted for her milk as per usual. Given Annica’s new location, beautiful decor and my daughter’s matching pink outfit — I definitely took many images of her to remember the occasion. The happy 2nd.

The thing about love, and self-love more specifically, in my life is it didn’t automatically start from within then out in the “normal” way. You know they always say how it starts from within, my within was through the pregnancy of my daughter. It was my deep love for her that helped me love and appreciate myself. Through celebrating her, her life, I now value the celebration of life, even my own. And as all great conspiracies go, Annica’s Designer Patisserie has played a significant role in this story. Their cakes have featured at all of my daughter’s birthdays thus far. As well as my 26th surprise dinner where my paternal side of the family introduced me to other great cake flavours namely Lemon Mud and Red Velvet. I’ve always been a Red Velvet fan but I think the Lemon Mud is looking to dethrone the Vanilla Bar One.

One thing I have noticed with these three significant birthdays is, Annica’s make last minute taste like it had been planned months in advance. So for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and my 27th birthday, God willing, I want to experience birthdays and Annica’s cakes planned way ahead of time. Having the whole nine yards from custom made designer cake to personalised decor etc. This is how Annica’s has worked it’s magic on me and played a part in restoring my love for birthdays — through their glorious cakes! Now I want to be intentional about celebrating more years we are allowed on this Earth.

Annica’s recently moved to Dainfen Square — the new venue is so heavenly and truly remarkable, so much so that I didn’t want to leave. Their staff is super friendly and welcoming, it’s really like a slice of heaven. If you don’t have the time to go there in person yet, be sure to visit their website, follow them on Twitter and Instagram —  and definitely like their Facebook page. If you have already been there, share your experience below by commenting below.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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