A couple weeks ago I received the Justine Daily Perfecting Range from Rubybox. One of the things that prompted me to transition to a plant-based diet was the annoying adult acne I had been struggling with almost 4 months ago. Although the acne has since cleared, the dark spots, pigmentation and dull skin was still persisting. This all until the Justine Daily Perfecting Range for Uneven Skin Tone came to the rescue.

My first day of using the range was really exciting because I had not used a full range of facial products in a long time. I usually only have a face scrub and a face cream. Now I had the wash/ cleanser, the toner and the cream/ moisturiser with SPF 25 — hey now! Beyond having this fabulous range in-hand, the promise to finally have flourishing skin yet again was amazing. The foaming cleanser is really great because you only need a small amount for it to beautifully leather in your hands and on your face. I normally use warm water when washing my face and lately I skip using facial wipes when removing makeup because the cleanser removes everything leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I was anxious to use the toner because my skin tends to be sensitive especially to new products. However, the Justine toner was so gentle on my skin and really felt like it was removing all the dullness instantaneously. It’s important to note that after a week of using the toner everyday, I now use it every second day because my skin has been irritable lately so I find skipping a day eliminates that irritation — it’s nothing severe though. Then there’s the moisturising lightweight day cream with SPF 25. I enjoy how moisturising if feels on my face, but I have had to apply it with precision avoiding the eye area. I used to apply my face cream without thinking about it too much but one morning I got a little in my eye and it was water works for a good few minutes. Other than that, I can see my skin’s glow coming back each day. The dark circles under my eyes are looking less like racoons eyes and more like ‘gotta switch the angles’ situation. All in all, I am more than happy with this Justine Daily Perfecting Range. I was starting to lose hope in branded products in general and ready to accept my imperfect skin, but now, now Justine has restored my faith in having great glowing even-toned skin.

For those who care to know beyond the results of the brand and it’s products, this part is for you. I found out that Justine is actually under the mother brand Avon. Avon was one of the first brands to stop testing on animals about 25/30 years ago. However, Avon isn’t recognised as cruelty-free by PETA because like MAC and many other big brands, Avon’s products sold in China are required, by law, to be tested on animals. Oh China… Products tested on animals in China are only sold in China and nowhere else in the world. So if you love Avon products, plan to buy them while in Africa, they are technically cruelty-free. For more about Avon and their position with animal welfare, visit their website.

If you want to read more about the product before spending your hard-earned Rand, then check out the other reviews on Rubybox.co.za. While you’re at it, may as well follow Rubybox on Twitter, Instagram, like their Facebook page, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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