Makeup has been a secret love of mine since my sisters applied that Essence mascara on me many years ago. Since then it’s been quite a trip — from being sent to the principal’s office in high school for wearing dramatic eye makeup, to giving tips on flawless base application at work when I fancied myself a makeup guru — it’s been something. In high school I struggled to find my perfect makeup brand, but once I was in uni, MAC was basically the holy grail.

Fast-forward to present day, your girl here is running out of her MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Blot Powder, she has a chat with her bank account about buying new foundation products, the account is all like, “listen, you could buy that MAC, or you can try a drugstore brand and save some shmoney“. So I thought about it as my MAC base sat in my makeup bag upside down — eventually I went over to Clicks and asked for a skin-match with the recently launched and raved about Sorbet makeup. See I thought, “I have been going to Sorbet Spa for waxing and facials since high school, I’ve always been more than satisfied with their service and recommended products, surely the makeup will also only impress”. Well. Let me tell you something, save your money honey. Rather wait until you can afford that high-end brand you know and love, or try a different drugstore brand.

Let me explain. I tried the Cover & Go foundation, Powerful Stuff light pressed powder, Prep & Poreless all-in-one super primer, and the Glow & Tell liquid highlighter. The primer has such a beautiful texture and it made my skin so nice and matte, I actually really enjoy it — especially cause when my MAC Prep + Prime finished, I tried the L’OréalInfallible Foundation Primer which used to dry my skin so much, this made the Sorbet primer a joy to use (after MAC of course). However, that primer does not guarantee not shining like a diamond after a couple hours. The Cover & Go foundation is hella thick! I didn’t realise how good I had it with the MAC Studio Fix until I started blending the Cover & Go. Literally felt like I was putting a mask on. Sure it’s full coverage which is great when a girl is trying to hide spots and imperfections but hot damn, can my skin breathe though? Not my vibe, at all, I probably would’ve been better off trying the Bare Faced foundation, probably. The Powerful Stuff light pressed powder was also not so groovy for me — I mean is anyone meant to look so orange? I know I could use a tan but I prefer the sun to take care of that thank you very much. Sure, once blended it looks somewhat normal but when you know better, you know it isn’t quite right, doesn’t feel right either. Also, you have to press the powder in/ set the base with finesse otherwise you just cake up, so gross and so uncomfortable. Again, I didn’t realise how forgiving the MAC Blot Powder is until this experience. Then you have the Glow & Tell liquid highlighter. First of all, liquid highlighter, liquid fudging highlighter. If you’re not a makeup guru just don’t do it. But if you have already bought it, the upside is, practice makes perfect. However, for me, chances of ever thinking liquid highlighter is a good idea are zero to none. Also, as someone who was using the Swiitch Beauty Glowgasim, the Glow & Tell just didn’t give that glow you know, it is way too shy to qualify as a highlighter, it’s really subtle and as you can imagine, if the base already feels so heavy, you don’t really want to keep pilling on more product on your face to get your desired look. That’s too much man.

It’s been over a month of me trying to finesse the Sorbet makeup products I bought and it’s really not working out. I try different tips and tricks every time I’m in the mood for a facebeat but really, no one needs to be working so hard to make products work for them when they clearly and simply don’t. Needless to say, I can’t wait for payday so I can go back to my most-loved and trusted MAC. As for Sorbet, I still dig their spa services and I will definitely continue with those and stick to just them when it comes to Sorbet related things.

Prior to buying any of the Sorbet makeup products I watched a few local (South African) YouTubers  who loved the products. So just because I was deeply underwhelmed by the products doesn’t mean it wont work for you. If you still want to give it a go, do you boo. I just wish I had read or watched a review such as mine before purchasing the products — would’ve given me a more objective perception on what to expect and the reality of transitioning from a high-end brand such as MAC, to a drugstore brand. Definitely made me wonder if bloggers and vloggers are always honest about the long term use of the products they review, or if its more acceptable to always say “oh yes, I love it”, when they really don’t? I wonder. But if you have tried the products and you genuinely loved them, comment below, tell me why, and most certainly give a girl your tips. If you share the same sorrow as I, talk to me, mama Cleo is hear to listen.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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