August is considered Women’s Month. But really, when I think about it — I think celebrating women, celebrating each other as women is actually an everyday ritual. I say this more significantly as a single mother who has experienced the sheer love and support from other women each and everyday. The understanding without having to over-explain myself, the constant words of affirmation given freely and consistently, and the endless waterfall of compassion that replenish the soul. Women (and my dad) have really showed up for me in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. I am forever grateful for the wonderful, phenomenal, intellectual, inspirational, compassionate and loving women in my life. When they say WOMAN is GOD or GOD is WOMAN — I get it, because I continue to taste all the glory of God through the women I know, women I love, and the inspirational women I follow on social media.

To celebrate Women’s Day, my longtime and best friend — sister from another mother — hosted a luncheon that was absolutely divine, and plant-based. Bless her soul. Below are some of the images I captured of the afternoon.

I shoot all sorts of events so contact me if you have something awesome coming up you need documented photographically. I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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