Meet Miss Stephanie

Above and beyond the love for silhouettes, black & white, and things alike — I also fancy double-exposure and the ‘perfect portrait’ every now and then. Naturally, my sisters are my go-to models when I feel like experimenting and exploring new and/or preexisting technics in my skillset. Today, I thought it perfect to show some love to my sister Stephanie. She’s always camera ready, and essentially born to slay. She loves the lens and the lens loves her right back. This set of images was shot my Arabella [Canon 5D Mark II] and the post production was done on Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

double steph 1single steph 1_2double steph 2

Folks are outchea doing the most with bomb portraits and things, and you still haven’t hired a photographer to do best for you? I don’t know man, I rate you book a shoot by contacting me through the contact tab. I promise, Bella and I will make it worthwhile.

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