I completely thought and believed my eating out days in Joburg were over, or significantly slimmed down, ever since I started my plant-based/ vegan diet transition. And from the research I’d been doing, most 100% vegan restaurants are in Cape Town, then there’s less than a handful in Joburg. I even started thinking that perhaps I’m living in the wrong city altogether. However, just cause most restaurants in Joburg aren’t vegan, it does not necessarily mean they don’t have 100% vegan options on their menus. This is something I’m beginning to appreciate more each week in the lovely city of gold.

Last week, 8 June 2018, I was invited to LoveRevo to try out their recently launched Winter Rooftop Deck & Gourmet African Tapas.  Naturally, before keenly accepting the invite, I had to make sure there would be vegan options. And praise the heavens, the menu has both vegetarian and vegan options. With most restaurants, the waitrons do not always know the difference between vegetarian and vegan — I was so impressed with our lovely waitress who knew exactly what the difference is, and was able to inform me of the 100% vegan options as opposed to the vegetarian options which still consist of dairy products. She was such a gem.

For starters, the options were all meaty or vegetarian, however, the waitress suggested I try their Dombolo with Chakalaka. I thought since the launch is all about African gourmet tapas, why the heck not right? When she explained what Dombolo is, I imagined the round bread deep-fried, but it was actually a different type of bread, with a very interesting texture too. I have tasted chakalaka before, HOWEVER, the combination of the bread and chakalaka was surprisingly good. I very rarely finish my starter  when I eat out and plan on having mains — this time though, I found myself dipping into it until it was done, and I was totally the only one at the table still polishing off my plate [#NoShame #TastesGood]. It was a nice way to wake the stomach up like an opening act before the main attraction delivers a stellar performance.

Oh and what a stellar performance the Bean Curry Potkie gave! I had a choice between the Vegetable Platter or the Bean Curry Potkie. However, the waitress was prompt in informing me that the veggie platter comes with creamy spinach made with dairy, therefore the best option would be the bean curry because that is 100% vegan. I was impressed, like good looking out girl. Good looking out. As the potkie arrived my mouth filled up with excitement — but again, because it’s beans, in my head I totally anticipated them to be slightly underdone. I was so wrong and immediately blown away when I had my first taste and the beans were perfect. Absolutely perfect! Listen, I often make myself bean curry at home thinking I’m doing the damn thing but the chef at LoveRevo is actually the OG at making delicious, flavourful, and perfectly cooked bean curry. I was thoroughly impressed. That’s probably the heartiest serving of food I’ve enjoyed out thus far. I have even been trying to recreate it at home but really, chances are I’ll go back to the restaurant, spare myself, and appease my tastebuds and tummy. Those beans were good man, so good. You absolutely have to try them, vegan or not.

For drinks, you know your girl loves herself some wine right? So naturally, red wine was in order, being winter and all. The restaurant offers their own fine house red. However, I totally felt like being a little bit extra and I ordered the Merlot instead. And no, I actually don’t remember which Merlot it was exactly, but it was a great pair to the bean curry. Just so damn good.

If you’re looking to enjoy African gourmet made well, served better, and tastes like the best, literally ditch any other venues you were thinking of and head over to LoveRevo. I mean I always thought my favourite cuisine to eat while out is Italian but LoveRevo changed that and bought me back to my roots. Thoroughly impressed! Definitely worth several more visits — and a Follow on their Instagram, Twitter and a Like on their Facebook page.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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