It’s not everyday the family gets together for a much needed bonding session with some lunch involved somewhere. Unfortunately, not only will I need to continue researching if the chosen restaurant has vegan options [which I don’t mind doing actually], but now it seems we need a way to find out if the restaurant cares enough to actually serve us at all.

Sunday, 28 May 2018, a big group of my family (my baby and I included) decided to go Jim & Jerry’s Driving Range for some light golfing and lunch. We were all pretty excited for the outing and couldn’t see anything wrong with the venue at first glance. We found a table outside, sat in the sun getting that vitamin D you know. The waitress later brought menus, we ordered drinks, pizzas and some fries for the kids. The drinks arrived rather promptly, but at this stage no one was really keeping tabs on the time. Some minutes later, the kids’ fries were served to which the waitress expressed “your pizzas will be here shortly”. ONE HOUR LATER, still no pizza. By now we were all starving! We went to enquire why it was taking so long and they literally started rolling out the dough as we asked. I’m so appalled! They tried to make excuses about how there was a queue of orders etc etc, but this was a blatant lie. Worse still, they start arguing with us for apparently not placing the orders at once… Really? They either did not want to serve us at all for whatever God-awful reason, or simply forgot about us even though the restaurant was nearly empty. We decided they didn’t deserve our money and opted to leave and get food elsewhere. The funniest thing happened at this point, they tried to charge us for the pizzas we didn’t eat??? Imagine! After making us wait for over an hour after receiving our drinks, you think you can make us pay for food we did not touch, see, or smell? I think not. One of the managers seemed to understand the absurdity of his establishment, gave us the bill for what we actually consumed and we left.

I’m not one to usually point this one, nor do I like being in situations where things like this still exist but, I couldn’t help but notice how we were the only black family in the restaurant and subsequently, the only table that received such poor service. I could not comprehend how and why the waitresses and waiters had such rotten attitudes towards us when we had been nothing but friendly. Are we just too tan to receive good service like everyone else in the restaurant? I was really appalled that such establishments with such dismal service are still standing. It’s 2018 for goodness sake. Also, if you run a restaurant where you’d rather not serve folks of my kind, rather let us know at the door before we waste our time and money in your establishment.

Fortunately for us, the rest of the world has progressed from certain oppressions and we moved on to Tony’s Spaghetti Grill. There we received excellent service [this time we timed everything, for good measure]. I ordered a delicious vegan pizza [build your own] for my baby and I with a side of chips. She had cranberry juice and I had an appetiser. Thanks to Tony’s, our Sunday was rescued and our weekend ended on a high note. Shot out to Tony’s to the excellent service and amazing food! As for Jim & Jerry’s — I still so appalled and puzzled such a place is still standing.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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