On my drive to and from work every weekday I pass the Garden Shop in Bryanston. Yes I love plants and it was definitely a place I have been meaning to visit since February, but beyond that I kept seeing that all inviting Munch Cafe logo. A few times I’d get to the office and actually look up Munch Cafe just to see what they offer while silently promising myself to do breakfast there one morning before work.

Last Sunday, 22 April 2018, I finally decided it was happening. My friend and I had set a lunch date at the Garden Shop to browse some lovely green options to keep in mind once that pay check comes through. So we met up and took a lovely stroll in the garden while my daughter run around having too much of a great time. Much as we all love plants, there’s only so much browsing one can do without the actual buying, and since buying wasn’t part of the plan for that day, sitting down for some lunch was a little more than just ideal.

We sat outside in the sun — after all the rain and clouds last week, almost everyone was sat outside taking it all in. For drinks we didn’t order anything fancy, my friend had ice tea, I had a tizer, my daughter had her milk. We were both a bit undecided on what to eat but once she mentioned pizza, it was pizza we all wanted. She ordered a small Regina Pizza — gypsy ham and mushroom. I ordered a small Pollo Pizza — chicken pieces, roasted butternut, Danish feta and rocket. We didn’t wait too long until both our pizzas were ready. Soon as they were placed on the table my daughter damn near jumped into the plate with excitement haha. Needless to say, baby girl didn’t give me a chance to take any images of the pizzas, I guess for her it was too good to wait so no time was wasted. Munch Cafe pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven, they are thin based, as they should be, and downright tasty! The toppings used are all fresh and definitely hit the spot. The overall experience was very pleasant and appropriate for a sunny afternoon — sunlight, light tasty pizzas with light drinks.

I hadn’t seen my friend for weeks so we had a lot to catch up on. My daughter had been miserable during the week of rain, so being outdoors was amazing for her. But as the sun started setting and the late afternoon breeze started blowing, my friend decided cake and tea would do all the right things. She ordered a slice of chocolate cake and a pot of rooibos tea. I passed on the tea but the size of that chocolate cake was certainly intended for sharing. All three of us dipped into the cake with so much delight. It was moist, flavourful and with delectable caramel layers between the stacks. YUM! At some point all this chocolate was too good to continue being a lady about so my daughter took it upon herself to break off a chunk of the chocolate from the icing and straight into her mouth — probably enough sugar for her for the rest of the month haha. The cake was phenomenal, I wanted more before bed later that evening. Hmmm.

Garden Shop is definitely a lovely vibe for chilled Sunday afternoons with friends or family. Best part is, they have two play sections for the kids, one for the toddlers and the other for older kids — so fellow parents, get involved. While you chat and eat at Munch Cafe, the kids play — win win I’d say. I think it might just become my new favourite spot. And with all that greenery, it’s so beautiful and so easy to forget you’re in the Joburg rat race. I love it.

How about you wind-down your long weekend the right way this coming Sunday at Munch Cafe? Have a look at their website for their menu options, and be sure to follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook page. If you’ve already been to there, share your experience below.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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