I have been obsessing over Drake for a long time now, low key. I don’t know what it is, and I’m sure every second girl in the world says the same thing, but I oath the man is signing just for me sometimes. Woo girl! I know I know. It’s a crazy effect that some artists and their music have on people. Been dying for Drake since before he had a hot AF beard and got all buffed up, it’s been quiet a treat to watch him bloom hahaha. OK OK, I’m gonna stop now. My point was actually how the series below reminded me of the song “Passionfruit” by Drake. Usually I HATE the house music genre but something about this song, might be cause it’s Drake, makes it a HUGE exception. I dig it. Also,  something about that orange dress makes me feel like the fruit itself…

Shot by: Ruvarashe Muzanenhamo
Edited by: Cleopatra Shava

At this point, I don’t know why you’re fighting it. Er’body else and their mama, and their mama’s mama outchea doing the most with fly portraits on Instagram and in their homes. Don’t get left behind, contact me for your very own shoot.

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