Do you ever get bored of the same old date venues, “Netflix and chill” (the kind were you actually binge watch series, not what you’re thinking, *side-eye*), awkwardly tense boardgames, and stuff like that? Yes, I do too. In fact, I had been craving to do something fun and out of the ordinary with my friends for a long time now. You can only have so many braais and still enjoy yourself right? Totally.

This is were HintHunt comes in —  this worldwide famous brand offers first-class quality Escape Games with breathtaking themed room designs. It boasts exceptional customer service, enthusiastic staff and more than 1 million players. This past Saturday, 10 March 2018, my friends and I were invited to take part in this unforgettable experience. Upon arrival, we received a warm welcome and were promptly briefed on the game, the rules, then locked in JM’s Office. In there, we had to solve a crime scene investigation under 60 minutes to escape the room. However, if crime scenes are not your vibe, they also have the Submarine rooms, DeepDown and Torpedo,  and the Zen room.

The best part about this type of game is how different it is to anything you’d ordinarily think of doing to have fun. I mean they combine the competitive nature of humans, curiosity, mystery and brain power. You only have 60 minutes and as much as that can sound like a lifetime, it goes by very fast — and if you’re as competitive as we are, you’ll also ask about the record time other teams have escaped to try beat it. The curiosity bit is my favourite, as we grow older we tend to lose our sense of wonder but with game venues such as HintHunt, that childlike wonder is definitely brought back to life. Just like a child you start looking in the strangest places for clues/ hints, and the awesome part is, that is the best way to play the game — you have to be willing to get down, crawl into spaces or flip through things you otherwise wouldn’t pay attention to in a normal space. Everything is there for a reason, even if the reason is also just for aesthetics. The brain power element is crucial! If you love riddles and can easily figure things out, then this game will be a piece of cake, but if you struggle a bit, or need more time to put 2 and 2 together, being able to exercise your mind in this environment is superb! And again, much as being intellectual will help you escape and win — don’t forget to have fun, bring in all the childlike wonder you have tacked away in your head’s archives, you will need it!

By now you’re probably wondering how long it took us to escape JM’s Office and if we solved the crime scene investigation? You wont believe this but we made it out the room with literally ONE second left. Literally 00:01! Might have not broken record time but we thought that was pretty epic. I mean talk about just in the nick time right? And yes, we solved the case and found our killer. Of all the games and activities I have partaken in with my friends, this is easily one of my top favourites! We even lingered a little after our session because we wanted more. The adrenaline and overall thrill of it all was absolutely spectacular! My friends and I definitely want to do it again, try the other rooms and perhaps redo JM’s Office to actually beat the record score this time around.

Have I convinced you enough yet? Neat! Have a look at HintHunt’s website, bookings are essential! While you’re at it, follow them on Instagram and Twitter, like their Facebook page and definitely tag then in pictures of your experience. The wonder is never lost, it’s hidden within you but give a chance to shine at HintHunt.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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