Last Tuesday, 6 March 2018, I attended the open mic session of Pick Me Up Poetry. I went in not really knowing what to expect, high key anxious of the kind of crowd I’d meet, and contemplating reciting a poem should I decide I like the crowd haha many emotions.

Hosted either at Bread & Roses or Mootee, Pick Me Up Poetry is open to anyone and everyone — I went with my mama and her bestie. Point. I haven’t attended the sessions held at Bread & Roses, BUT I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance at Mootee. The hosts of the evening are so friendly and super charismatic, I especially liked the feeling of being “welcomed home”. My soul was smiling the entire time, THE ENTIRE TIME… The crowd was absolutely amazing — people cheer, clap and are all the way encouraging.

So remember how the plan was to maybe recite one poem if I felt comfortable enough? Well, given the overall good vibes, did your girl not end up reciting freaking four poems? The first three were actually a set that fed into each other. And the last, still one of my favourites, was an oldie — same one I recited at Poetic Beats in 2016. Needless to say, I had so much fun and even though I knew no one there, I definitely felt at home. Best still, my mom and her bestie become very nostalgic and so inspired by Belita Andre‘s poems that they too want to write poems as well. Shout out to you Miss Andre for inspiring my mama. *slow clap with a nod*

Interested in joining Pick Me Up Poetry? Well, open mic sessions are hosted every Tuesday in Melville. For updates on venues and times, like their Facebook Page. For photographs and good stuff, follow them on Instagram and Twitter — and most definitely check out their SoundCloud account. Wait wait wait, before you close your browser, subscribe to their YouTube channel as well — little birdie tells me they’ll be uploading hotness on there very soon.

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