The new month has started on a good note. I mean my lips are moisturised and for the first time in weeks, I’m not finding myself reaching for lip balm every 2 minutes. I have been having lip care issues for months now because nothing I’ve been using seems to really get in there and do the job. I even started exfoliating my lips every week because I thought that might help, of which I never needed to exfoliate my lips before this unflattering phase. It’s been a struggle, well, first world problem really.

As part of the Rubybox family, I was given the opportunity to review and rate the new Labello Vanilla Buttercream. I have always been a loyal Labello user, however, this year I have strayed to other brands because I was tired of the same old Cherry, Strawberry and Blueberry options. When I noticed the dryness of my lips begin and persist, I tried the original formula and the hydrating one, but they always seem to disappear before I’m even half-way — you can probably thank my daughter for that because she loves exploring my closet and rearranging things. Anyway, my first thought when the campaign was announced was “YES PLEASE”. I had been using a lip balm from The Body Shop and even though I love their products, the balm wasn’t doing enough moisturising as much as it was giving me all the scent and sassiness I wanted. I needed more moisture, the kind that really gets in there and “does the things”.

After what felt like forever and a day, Dawn Wing finally delivered my ruby samples and as I write this I’m wearing the Labello Vanilla Buttercream on my lips with a smile. I absolutely love it, actually. When I applied it this morning I definitely expected to see a white/ grey/ ashy residue remain on my lips — even had my Vaseline on standby just incase I needed to wipe off the vanilla and get the moisture I need the old school way. But I’m happy to report that Labello came through with the right formula for the job. I’m thoroughly impressed. I mean how many times do you use anything in the vanilla or caramel area of beauty, as a melanin girl or boy, and it doesn’t leave you looking ashy or hungry? Not often.

After the pleasant surprise on the actual non-existence of colour residue on the lips, I’ve been sitting here like, ‘oh, my lips still feel moisturised, I actually don’t need to reapply, hmm.’ It’s a whole new shock on its own. Habit is telling me to do it, but my lips are like ‘chill dude, we’re still good’. This had me look up what else this little new lip saver has and boom, there it was in plain site — your mama and grandmama’s good old Shea Butter. No freaking wonder! Labello is serving you the Shea Butter, with natural oils and the decadent delights of Vanilla aroma. Done, dusted and sold! As a loyal Labello consumer, I strayed, got lost, but this Vanilla Buttercream has definitely found me again and it’s a new favourite. Perfect for those days when I don’t wear make up and just want my natural lips to come through without looking like they are going through a drought or dry spell…

By now you’re probably wondering, where can you buy this fabulous highly recommended Labello Vanilla Buttercream, simple, it’s available at your local Clicks, Dis-Chem, and most leading retail outlets. If you want to read more about the the product before spending your hard-earned Rand, then check out the other reviews on While you’re at it, may as well follow Rubybox on Twitter, Instagram, like their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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