A young couple living in the city has the opportunity to enjoy nightlights every evening. Nova is standing by the window looking at the lights in awe. She has never understood why she’s always thought of them as magical. She signals to her partner, Leo, to come enjoy the view with her. As he looks at the lights they turn into building blocks. This upsets him as he proclaims he was never intended to enjoy life’s simple beauties. To console him, Nova tells him that the gods had take that view from him because they wanted him to see even further than he naturally would have. She points to nightlights even further than the ones she had been looking at herself. Leo looks and the same thing happens, lights turn into building blocks. This puzzles Nova but she is more determined than ever to prove Leo deserves to see this beauty without it turning into a tragedy. She continues to point to lights in a distance and some close by, making Leo look at them. Until there are no longer any lights to look at, at all. And night has passed with no beauty left just building blocks that turned so after Leo looked at the once beauty. Leo is disheartened and Nova feels paranoid someone might have seen what Leo could do and would report him. She pulls Leo away from the window, and as she does this she sees a little boy looking up at them from outside downstairs. The little boy is looking with shock, confusion and undertones of awe. Nova obsessed with protecting Leo looks at the boy and tries to chase him away. The boy doesn’t move but instead starts screaming. Nova thinks perhaps scaring him would silence him. She tells Leo to look at the boy and see if the boy would be transformed in any way. Leo looks at the boy and the boy’s eyes start rolling back. Both Nova and Leo are frightened by this and realize they probably shouldn’t have done that. The little boy’s eyes stop rolling back and he gives a smirk looking right at them. Leo tries to chase him off but the boy is too strong. Leo runs from the window, looks at the door anticipating the boy’s entrance. Leo runs into Nova’s arms and as Nova tries to shield Leo from the boy who is now holding a pitch folk with the intention of hurting the couple. Leo is clinging tightly to Nova and Nova puts her hand out to stop the boy. The boy attacks Nova’s hand disfiguring it, it bleeds building blocks and she begins to unravel and collapse into more building blocks. This followed by Leo, the boy, the room, then  the building itself — until all that’s left is a scene of multicoloured building blocks.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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