Ever since we were little kids, I knew my older sister wanted to write a book. She’d have ideas of writing a children’s book among many others… I remember how she’d draw and doodle the cutest illustrations to some of the most motivational quotes and positive speech you would expect from an older sister, a guardian and the Universe in general. It was no surprise when she told me she was finally doing it, writing and publishing her first book. I was ecstatic to hear this and honestly, all that excitement was definitely worth it.

[Illustrated by Sue Lim and Rachel Ang]
Kimberley Chakona released her book Neu Opus: Poetry for Women of Colour this November 16th, 2017. It is currently available on Amazon Kindle and soon, a hardcopy will also be available for purchase. Obviously I was not going to wait for the hardcopy cause who has time to stall on good poetry? Got to get it now! I purchased my copy as soon as the link for the book was up and forwarded that same link to almost everyone on my contact list. I low-key felt like my sister’s hype-man hahaha.

[Illustrated by Sue Lim and Rachel Ang]

Without spoiling too much of the book, because I still need you all to go buy you own copy, I’ll say it’s one of the most heartfelt and eye-opening narratives I have read in a mighty long time. You know those private thoughts you have about your being, your experiences, and your hopes for the future — you’re not alone. One poem that spoke volumes to me is Aurora, being a mother, I could relate so deeply to the kind of love expressed in that poem. My daughter is so lucky to have an aunt like Kim — and I for having a sister so profound. Conditioning was the second most profound poem to really hit home with me. I suppose when society deems certain things as the norm and people become accustomed to this supposed norm, settling or expecting the worst/lose-lose situation is ‘the norm’. But should it really be this way?

[Illustrated by Rachel Ang]
Although the above mentioned resonated with the person I currently am, the book is full of gems everyone should indulge in. And please don’t be swayed by the title thinking because you aren’t a woman of colour the book is not for you — the book is for everyone. Everyone.

This might be Kimberley’s first book but a little birdie tells me this is just the beginning. Don’t get left behind, follow the Neu Opus website, Instagram page and subscribe to the YouTube channel — it’s deliciously artistic and a great source of creative juices. Trust me, after doing the whole nine yards of indulgence in Neu Opus, I have been inspired to start writing poetry again — I hadn’t written anything worth mention the entire year. So folks, do the right thing, download your copy on Amazon today, tell your friends and fans to do the same, and leave a review. Much appreciated.

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