We all know how Mondays can be, tedious to say the least. I’m pretty sure caffeinated drinks were designed specifically to help the human race cope with these dreaded days.  It was no surprise when my colleagues and I couldn’t focus the one Monday morning and decided a coffee break was in order. We ventured out to William Nicol looking for a coffee joint (which will remain nameless) but the Universe had other plans for us. We discovered Sticky Waffle nestled in Grosvenor Crossing, Bryanston. It was like a message from the waffle gods saying, “why just have a cappuccino when you can have it with a waffle?”

At first sight, I loved the black and yellow branding — it was the first thing to jump at me, filling me with intrigue — what was this bee-like effect calling my name? The name itself has a bee-like feeling to it, Sticky Waffle… The cafe has a very homey beehive-in-the-trees feel to it. I absolutely love the natural tones of the wood against the green plants, the yellow chairs and the brown couch. I must’ve been a bee in my past life because my soul was very happy to say the least.

All I wanted that morning was a cappuccino, but with a extra R5* to whatever hot beverage I ordered, I could get a fresh fluffy waffle, seemed surreal so I had to order it to believe it. My colleagues and I decided to sit in and indulge in these delectable 17cm waffles with syrup… but because we all like being extra ever so often, we decided why not do the whole nine yards and order extra toppings — charged at only R2.70* each, why the heck not, right? What was initially meant to be a brief coffee break turned into a full-on Editors’ waffle breakfast — totally worth every delicious bite. If you want in on this experience, the Five Bucks Breakfast is only available from 06:30 to 10:00am daily, you’re welcome.


Aside from the breakfast bliss, Sticky Waffle also serves savoury waffles. The fillings are also charged at the low price of R2.70*, how amazing? I’m yet to try the savoury side of life at Sticky Waffle but for now my sweet tooth wont have it any other way except the ice cream, Nutella, marshmallows and so on. Yes, sweets are life, they get the kid in me doing summersaults. However, I have it on good word that the savoury offerings are thebomb.com.

Want to find out more about this amazing joint? Then be sure to check out their website, like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. Also, the owner is really rad! He gave me the lovely opportunity to photograph foodie/ product shots of his offerings at Sticky Waffle. The patented copies of the taken shots can be seen on the named platforms above, but you can check out my foodie Instagram account to see the other shots I took in this fluffy waffle haven.

*Disclaimer: pricing correct at the time this article was written.

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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