There’s a new delicious joint in town, well Clearwater Mall to be specific, and they are serving up some heavenly treats for all foodies and sweet-toothed diehards. I’m talking about Moody Cow Gelato & Coffee Co. founded by Jose dos Passos — who also runs Parktown North’s La Boqueria and Clearwater Mall’s Doppio Zero.

I was invited to chat to Jose and have a taste of Moody Cow’s yummy offerings this past weekend, 12th August 2017. Without expecting much initially, I was immediately blown away by my first sip of their cappuccino. Utterly impressed, the caffeine addict/ lover in me could not stop fixating on why this cappuccino was so darn good. Somebody explain it to me please! Luckily, Jose was right there to tell me more about their coffee. Moody Cow ethically sources their very own blend of coffee beans from  coffee hubs such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, and word has it they will have some Rwandan produce soon. How stunning? I usually need to drink three or four cups of (instant) coffee to feel like I’ve actually ingested any caffeine at all, but the brew from Moody Cow leaves you more satisfied than a teenage girl experiencing her first great smooch. It’s that good.

While waiting for my first try of their dessert I noticed how Moody Cow is more than just a gelato and coffee spot. You also get the gifting section, the sweets, and for true South Africans, the biltong — which I thought that was a great addition to it all. For the those concerned, everything from Moody Cow is halal certified, kosher and there are some vegan friendly treats as well. Talk about catering to everyone right?

Anyway, back to the dessert, to start me off, Xanthya, Jose’s business partner and head chef, prepared a waffle taco, Oh! More S’Mores. This “Instagrammable dessert”, as Xanthya called it, is a lovely combination of a crispy waffle taco with a Nutella spread base, marshmallows, Tennis biscuits, chocolate milk gelato, strawberries and chocolate fountain. One thing I couldn’t  stop appreciating about this dessert, and all the others I tasted, was how it was not too sweet. Like yes, myself and sweet-toothed diehards alike love sweet treats but please spare us the toothache from overwhelming sugar – Moody Cow absolutely gets this right. The chocolate gelato used here is sugar-free and based off a dark chocolate. Now that’s dessert with quality. Love it!

Secondly, I recorded Xanthya preparing the Choc-O-Berryblast which is a classic rectangular waffle. It consisted of frutti di Bosco gelato, black cherry compote, strawberries, jelly tots, and chocolate fountain. Listen, the only thing that held me back at this point was the size of my stomach. I literally wanted to stuff the whole thing in my mouth, it was so good. In that moment life revolved around the freshness and deliciousness of this dessert. Sigh, I think I’ll drive back for more after uploading this actually. My tastebuds found their soulmate.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, Xanthya is determined to impress and surpass any preexisting exceptions, she whipped up a decadent Banacoco Treat waffle stick. Sweet baby peanuts! This dessert consists of banana slices, peanut butter, coconut gelato, butter caramel, walnuts, and Rolos. I have always, ALWAYS, loved peanut butter so this was definitely the highlight of this dessert. However, if you’re not a I-love-peanut-butter-so-much-I-can-eat-it-from-the-jar type of person, you might find this dessert a little overwhelming.  If not, then you might be tempted to abduct Xanthya so she can make this dessert for you for the rest of your days. Yep. That good.

To balance out all this sweetness, I also tried Moody Cow’s strawberry lemonade. Have you even ever? Like it’s fine now guys, stop it. I’m impressed and I never want to go home. I’m just going to bring my entire family and live here forever, it’s fine, I’m convinced. Okay, dramatics aside, that strawberry lemonade was

I also had a taste of a few other gelato flavors. First up was the phenomenal Midnight Coconut, this was my absolute favourite. Then the Chocolate and Mint, which was a perfect balance between sweet and minty. Then there was the Milk Tart — I don’t usually like cinnamon but I was not mad at this flavor, at all. Cookies and Cream — well, I think my young sisters would love this, Oreo and all. The Popcorn however, everyone must try this! It’s like gourmet popcorn but adequately rich and creamy. It could easily become the new cinema favourite especially in summer. Watch the space…

Speaking of things to look out for, I got it on good word that a savory menu is underway at Moody Cow. So sure, you can definitely get your caffeine fix and your sweet delights from here but sooner than later, salty sensations will be on offer too. I can hardly wait!

In the meantime, check out Moody Cow’s website then definitely follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and like them on Facebook!

Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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