Mind > Matter

I have a crush on his mind.
It remains unattended.
Acknowledging it would lend to certain realms of the mind I’d rather remain oblivious to.
I’m not quite ready to intentionally feel so much of so much and so much…
Abundance of abundance within abundance.
He is the kind of too much which is just right for my too much,
But until I can handle my own too much,
I merely flirt with the butterfly I feel
When I read his work.

2 thoughts on “Mind > Matter

  1. Tanaka Shava says:

    Your writing is of higher class within a higher class of a high class… I love the poem mind and matter so much that it actually doesn’t matter if you don’t ever write again because it’ll live in my mind forever, i hope you don’t mind…

    Liked by 1 person

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