Two friends, one male the other female, are sitting in a coffee store at a little table facing each other. The male’s coffee cup is still full. The female has her coffee half-way finished as she slowly sips on it steaming hot while she sobs. The male cannot look at the female in her eyes so continually avoids eye contact. She, every now and then, manages to get his involuntary eye contact, at these moments she pauses the sobs and lets her tears just run down her cheeks. At these points the male fills up with guilt and the female obtains a sort of satisfaction from this. The entire scene the female says nothing whilst the male blabbers on trying to explain himself.

Listen, I meant to tell you sooner but how do you tell your best friend something like this and expect a win-win situation? I told him I would tell you. That I had to…

She looks up at him with distinct anger filled in her eyes. Her face turns deep red and her eyes dry as desert.

You making this harder than it has to be. He was right you know, you always say he thinks he is always right when he is wrong but you are the one who is wrong. Okay, perhaps there are times where I can relate to you when I’m with him but he really is always right. It’s weird that I’m talking to you about him like this. I wish you could tell me all the juicy details I know you hide from me because come on, we have been BFFs for like what? 10 years. That’s not a joke my girl, I know you. Okay, stop looking at me like that you know I’m right. We’re like soulmates.

The female laughs hysterically at this to the point were tears start falling again. She looks at the male and wipes her tears. She opens her mouth about to say something but catches herself then only lets a breath out. Her coffee is now finished but she only notices when she tries to take another sip. When she realizes her cup is empty she starts sobbing again. Tears stream down her red cheeks. The male filled with guilt covers his face with his hands. He proceeds to reach in his bag to get some facial tissue but before he can hand it to her he notices she already had her own. He struggles to gather his next words but eventually manages to say…

You know I love you right? I never meant to hurt you. I know I can’t claim innocence in this matter but to an extent your boyfriend was the one to blame. How could he just come up to me looking all sexy and fine and sheeeeeet! I mean girl you know me and you know I can’t resist such things. He is too fine. You should’ve never let him out your sight. And he should have never kissed me. Yes girl, I know you think it’s highly unlikely but he kissed me! Then one thing led to another. My flesh gave in and I’m sorry you had to be the who got hurt in all of this. I… I… I know you think that this whole shindig was to tell you that your boyfriend and I fooled around but believe it or not, there’s more. Yesterday he came to see me. See this entire time I thought perhaps he was just experimenting with his bi-curiosity but no. He told me that he has been gay since he could remember. But he has had to date girls all his life as a front for his parents. And get this, he plans to marry you BUT I know for a fact that he doesn’t love you the way a man should love his future wife. It’s all going to be a front. He says he really wants me and he wanted my blessing to marry you. Obviously I refused this because you deserve better than that. That’s when I told him I was going to come clean about everything to you. And then I ended things with him. He plans to propose tonight. Just thought you needed the heads up cause hunnie, your man is gay! A fairy! Just like your BFF! Ah huh! You need to ditch the boy… Hunnie, okay, I need to tone it down. I’m sorry. I know I get hyper. I’m sorry about all of this.

The female stares at the male blanking. The male isn’t as consumed with guilt anymore but he is relieved. Female reaches into her handbag, takes a cigarette box out, grabs one cigarette out and lights it. Stares back at the male, and puffs away.



Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

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