Establishing shot of the doctor’s office. The doctor is not in the room yet but the patient is sitting nervously while he waits for the doctor. The patient is looking around the office with a curious eye. There’s a medium close-up to the patient’s face and upper body. Then a close-up to his face alone. His eyes are red on the verge of watering. A sweat rolls down the side of his head then a big bang of the door behind him makes him jump out his seat. There’s a jump cut to the doctor entering the room. The doctor gestures to him to sit back down and relax. As the doctor walks into then we can only see half his face. There’s no background music just pin-drop silence and the footsteps of the doctor plus the patient’s heavy breathing.

The doctor brushes his hand against the patient’s shoulder before he resumes to go sit in his chair. The brushing of the shoulder triggers the patient’s tears to start rolling down his face rapidly. He tries to hold them back but fails and starts throbbing his hand against his face like a child throwing a tantrum. The doctor manages to let out a deep sigh. Doctor stands up again and gestures the “one moment” finger. Then he walks to the left of his office to a chest of drawers. He starts paging through the files in the drawer frantically. Eventually he pulls out the patient’s file and as he turns around to return to his desk he trips and falls face first. The patient jumps out his seat to help the doctor up. But by the time the patient is the other side of the desk the doctor is seated there in a fetal position. The patient looks at the doctor confused. Then the doctor breaks out into a hysterical laugh with ends in hysterical crying. Even more puzzled the patient sits next to the doctor on the floor and cuddles him.

The doctor manages to pull himself together and stand up. The patient now looks at the doctor with deep concern and heavy worry about what the doctor has to say after such an unusual chain of events. The doctor gestures for the patient to return to his seat. The patient stubbornly obeys. The doctor clears his throat fixing himself to speak.


Posted by:Cleopatra Shava

Digital Content Creator

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